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10 things to watch right now – suggested by NUA students and staff

Itching for some escapism from the real world? Or have you ran out of things to watch in your downtime? The NUA community of staff and students have compiled a list of things they’re watching right now – we hope it helps you find something new to enjoy! Trigger warning: this blog mentions a show focused on subjects some may find disturbing. Including gore, murder and drug addiction.

Schitt’s Creek, Netflix

Created by father and son duo Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek is a wholesome comedy series following the Rose family.

The family lose their fortune and belongings, apart from ownership of a small town they purchased as a joke, called Schitt’s Creek.

Watch as the family adjust to life in a motel, life without money, and living with each other.

Suggested by Lucy Robertson, BA Textile Design Lecturer 

Headspace Guide to Meditation, Netflix

Did you know meditation can rewire your brain? Early research is showing longer-term meditation “re-wires” the networks in the brain responsible for regulating our attention and emotions.

The new Headspace series takes a look at the effects and benefits of meditation, in a friendly animated style. It also has short exercised for you to sample the practice, if you wish.

Suggested by Year 1 student Amber, BA (Hons) Fine Art 

Soul, Disney+

The newest release from Pixar follows jazz musician Joe, who attempts to reunite his body and soul after they get accidentally separated.

Joe dreams of a career as a top jazz musician. Just as he’s about to catch his big break, he accidentally lands in hospital with his soul detached, lurking in the “Great Beyond”.

Unwilling to die just yet, Joe embarks on a journey to get back to real life, but finds himself guiding a cynical, infant soul named 22. Watch as Joe questions all his life choices, and as 22 discovers the real beauty of living.

Suggested by Year 2 student Beth, BA (Hons) Photography

Great Big Story, YouTube

The perfect channel for lockdown escapism, Great Big Story brings you amazing stories from around the globe.

From the voices behind movie trailers and well-known characters, to a soup that’s been simmering for 45 years. We guarantee you’ll find something to pique your interest!

Suggested by Jamie Johnstone, Lecturer, Graphics

Bridgerton, Netflix

If you enjoyed Downton Abbey, Netflix may have something new for you to get stuck into, with their new period drama Bridgerton.

Based on novels by author Julia Quinn, the series follows the Bridgerton siblings in the competitive world of Regency London high society. 

This seductive, lavish and scandalous series is full of power struggles, rules and lust.

Watch as the siblings enter the marriage market and whittle down potential suitors in the search for true authentic love.

Suggested by Year 1 student Emily, BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production

Image courtesy of Netflix

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, Netflix

Trigger warning: series contains accounts of murder, rape and abduction.

Be honest – we all have a guilty love of true crime documentaries.

Netflix’s new offering Night Stalker follows two LA detectives, who won’t rest until they find the person responsible for a relentless spree of murders.

This true crime case knocked 1980’s California into a state of panic, due to the lack of modus operandi (MO) from the killer.

Watch the detectives piece together the evidence – will they make a conviction?

Suggested by Year 2 student Bethany, BA (Hons) Photography

The Queen’s Gambit, Netflix

Trigger warning: series contains accounts of drug and alcohol addiction.

If you’ve never been interested in chess, this series may just change your mind.

Set in 1950s-60s America, the series is gorgeous and nostalgic. Follow orphan Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy who discovered a penchant for the game while playing against the school janitor. 

As was in the 50’s, the girls at the orphanage were freely given tranquilisers. Wrong, yes, but these tranquilisers enhanced Beth’s skills, undoubtedly thrusting her into the limelight of competitive chess.

Watch as Beth attempts to rise to the top, whilst juggling her long-standing drug and alcohol addiction.

Suggested by Year 3 student Mila, BA (Hons) Design for Publishing

The Mandalorian, Disney+

One for the hardcore Star Wars fans, and one for those who aren’t – you don’t need to have watched any previous Star Wars films to enjoy this series.

Five years after the fall of the Empire, another warrior rises. Follow the travels and risky adventures of a lone bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy. 

Also: baby Yoda!

Suggested by Year 3 student Luke, BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production

Image courtesy of Netflix

What Happened to Monday, Netflix

One for fans of dystopian/science fiction fantasy to get stuck into!

In 2043, governments go to extreme lengths to curb overpopulation. One child limits are placed upon families. If more are conceived, all but the eldest are put into a long-term cryosleep, whilst the remainder of the population is tracked via bracelets.

Enter the Settman sisters, identical septuplets, each named after a day of the week. Only allowed to leave their home on the day they’re named after, each must navigate the world without being discovered.

But, Monday goes out on her allocated day and doesn’t come home. Which begs the question, what happened to Monday?

Suggested by Year 1 student Louella, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion

WandaVision, Disney+

Taking place after Avengers: Endgame, follow the story of Marvel characters Wanda Maxmioff/Scarlet Witch and Vision as they enjoy their idyllic suburban life, whilst trying to conceal their powers.

But, something very odd is going on in this world. Suspecting all is not as it seems, Wanda and Vision figure out what’s really going on.

Suggested by Year 1 student Adam, BA (Hons) Photography