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My top 3 creative resources

Ailish Beadle graduated from BA (Hons) Illustration in 2020. Here she shares her top three resources that guided her through her studies to the months after leaving university.


Intern’s vision is about equipping creatives with the right mindset and tools to enter the industry with confidence.  Intern’s website showcases an array of creative work (read my interview) and also includes a course called ‘The Price Is Right.’ I bought this course recently and couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone who wants help in pricing their work fairly.

Back in May, Intern advertised a free scheme they set up for ‘Class of 2020’ students who were at the time most affected by COVID, where they would pair students up with experienced professionals. I was lucky enough to be paired with Alec, the founder of Intern who gave me some great advice.

This was the first time I was mentored by someone other than a tutor, and I would highly recommend looking out for similar programmes online as these professionals wouldn’t usually have the time to meet in person.

Creative Champs

Creative Champs is an amazing resource to access free downloads . The ones I regularly use are the ‘20 Email Templates’ and ‘Statement of Work Template’ as sometimes a template is all you need to get you started! They also offer a Pricing Kit which I’ve heard many good things about.

I follow the Founder Kei Maye and Creative Champs closely on Instagram as Kei is an entertaining person to lead all the Creative Champs IGTV talks. She is an honest and humble person and doesn’t sugar coat her experience of the design industry – which is a breath of fresh air to people like myself just starting out.

Creative Lives in Progress

Formerly called Lecture In Progress, Creative Lives in Progress has been launched this week. Creative Lives’ website is packed full of fresh resources such as an opportunities board, an advice section and a jobs board! Not to mention their advice stretches further to the format of a podcast which I listen to on Spotify.

My favourite episodes by them include interviews with the likes of Hattie Stewart and Morag Myerscough, both very inspiring talks.