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Student Support – our favourite mindfulness resources

As meditation has never been more important than now, our Student Support Team have brought together some of their favourite resources to help improve your mental health. These are available online or on your phone.

Headspace app

Headspace is an app that shows you how to meditate, which is something many people are now considering during these challenging times.

It has been shown to help people become less stressed and sleep easier. Headspace includes both a free and premium experience of the app.

In the free version you can use features such as learning the basics of meditation, exercises targeting stress and sleep meditation. In the paid version you will unlock hundreds of hours of content.

Headspace APP

Image courtesy of Headspace

Headspace Guide to Meditation – Netflix

This new eight-part series is an excellent way to build a meditation practice as well as learning the science behind it. This sometimes-complex information has been simplified by former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe through his own experiences.

The calming animation which accompanies Andy’s voice was created by Strange Beast studio and is arguably what makes the series binge-worthy!

If you enjoyed the series that much, you can also follow Radio Headspace on Spotify where Andy releases a mindful podcast every weekday morning.

headspace youtube

Image courtesy of Youtube

Calm App

Calm is a meditation resource with a different approach to Headspace. It includes a feature called ‘breathe bubble’ which encourages awareness of regulated breathing.

Calm is very simple to use and encourages daily use to improve stress and sleep problems with both guided and unguided meditation. The premium version included original daily content, hours of guided meditation and exclusive music tracks.


Image courtesy of Calm