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BA Illustration graduates illustrate packaging for Mr Winter’s Beers

Four graduates were selected by local creative agency The Armoury to collaborate on the packaging design.

NUA Illustration graduates illustrate beer packaging on collaborative project with creative agency The Armoury

BA (Hons) Illustration graduates Keira Chojecki, Lottie Hall, Nic Gordon and Shen Osman were selected by local creative agency The Armoury to illustrate the packaging for local brewery Mr Winter’s Beers.

The Armoury were challenged to refresh the branding to represent the strong family history and uniqueness of the beer, and brought our students on board to create some vibrant and dynamic illustrations to appear on the packaging of the limited edition range of beers.

Each student received real-world briefings from The Armoury, getting firsthand experience on what it’s like to work as a commissioned illustrator. They each had a bottle of their own to develop an illustration for.

Keira worked on the design for fruity beer ‘Twin Parallel’ and produced a galactic-style collage responding to the beer’s flavour description of being ‘out of this world’. Nic was tasked with illustrating ‘Citrus Kiss’, and created an organic-style illustration with a snake and creature with citrus eyes, reflecting the grapefruit bite of the beer.

Shen produced an abstract and angular digital illustration for ‘Quantum Gold’ to represent a citrus zing, whilst Lottie created some lively intertwining shapes for fruity beer ‘Twisted Ladder’.

Keep up with what Keira, Lottie, Nic and Shen are up to by following them on Instagram.

You can read more about the project on The Armoury’s blog.

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