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Delving into the independent shops in the Norwich Lanes

Norwich is full of independent shops and that makes it one of the most unique and friendly cities across the UK. Blog by BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion student and Norwich Blogger Justine Sherwood

Justine Sherwood

I have gone around the city, delved into ‘The Lanes’ aka the area closest to NUA, filled with fashion shops, hairdressers, barbers, beauty salons, restaurants, jewellery stores, museums and numerous coffee and cake shops (we all need some of that whilst at university) I managed to find my top 6 independent fashion stores we have to offer.

Sue Ryder vintage, Norwich

Sue Ryder: Vintage & Retro

I wanted to include a vintage shop in here, there are a few around Norwich but I stumbled across this one whilst getting lunch one day. It is right opposite our St Andrews House building just opposite the hill so it really is one of the closest.

This shop is filled to the brim with vintage clothing, accessories, games, books. Chances are if you’re looking for something you will find it in there. The downstairs is filled with women’s clothing and accessories, however upstairs has all the menswear, games and books. There are so many vintage signs inside that I would love to buy, however they are part of the décor.

Because this is a charity shop the prices range from low £ to high £££, however every single time you visit there will no doubt be new pieces. They also have sales which is always a good thing.

Scarlet Norwich


Scarlet is a shop I didn’t realise was there until I avidly went looking for it, it is such a sweet store right at the top of the lanes. It is a women’s clothes shop, the clothes are amazing, they cater to a huge market for women.

It is a really friendly shop, the assistants couldn’t help me enough when I visited and I can tell that they really care about the experience customers have as soon as they step foot into the shop. Their prices are mid-price ££ but the quality is there.

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Let me start by saying this is one of the most iconic places in Norwich, or even Norfolk. It is our oldest (and best in my opinion) department stores. They have just recently bought in numerous new brands such as Whistles, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Jaeger, because they realised they were missing out on a huge market, which is us! With there being two universities in such a close distance.

They also have a huge beauty department with many high end brands, they have two exclusive brands; MAC and Charlotte Tilbury which is not offered anywhere else in Norwich. Jarrold’s also offer a huge book shop, toy department, a stationery shop just next door to the main shop, numerous cafes and they very often have events such as book signings and launches of new brands.

The average price for items in Jarrold’s is mid-range ££ and can go up into the £££ high price range, but they are so worth it.

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Lisa Angel

There is a chance you may have heard of Lisa Angel since they expanded onto Oxford Street in Topshop, which in itself if a massive achievement. They have two stores in Norwich, one in the lanes which is the original one and now have one in Chantry Place. They began life in the heart of our city.

Lisa Angel is known for their personalisation of all of their jewellery, they sell so many adorable things such as handbags, earrings, mirrors and crystal lamps and all other things homeware. There is such a vast choice in there, that chances are you will find something you love in there.

Lisa Angel has such a mix of items for sale that whatever price you’re looking at; chances are you will find something. There are currently items for £3 and others for £115.

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Seven Wolves

Seven Wolves is right opposite Jarrold’s so it’s another one close to uni. They are associated with Dogfish, but they started out as a way to show emerging brands as well as timeless classics. Because they’re associated with Dogfish, downstairs has a pretty decent ladies section, with Vivienne Westwood on offer.

Upstairs is filled with numerous menswear brands such as, Deus Ex Machina, Patagonia, Camper and Nike. The atmosphere in store is really relaxed and there is so much on offer, there is never any pressure to buy anything- staff just welcome you and let you get on with it, which is always great.

Prices here are mid-range ££ to high range £££, however there is so much choice of quality clothing it’s hard to go wrong.

Philip Browne

Philip Browne

Philip Browne is another menswear shop on the lanes that specialises in luxury fashion such as Kenzo, Yeezy, Stone Island and Versace. The vibe in store is so relaxed unlike other luxury stores. Obviously because it is a luxury store the prices are high end but it’s what would be expected, the environment and store layout make it a pleasant shopping experience.

And that is just my top six independent shops in and around the University. I could go on for days about coffee shops themselves. Norwich really is somewhere that you can find something for everyone.