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In conversation with…Acting lecturer Matti Houghton

Matti Houghton is an actor with over 15 years’ experience and teaches on BA (Hons) Acting.  We find out why acting is important to her and how she sees the future of the industry. 

What has been your journey to your role as a lecturer now?

I have been a working actor for over 15 years and I started teaching and directing about 8 years ago. I began thinking about how we prepare people for a life in the industry, what tools I was taught and what was missed out.

I thought about how I could be part of that change, shifting actors into thinking about themselves as creative individuals in charge of their lives and careers.

Why is acting important to you?

I believe deeply in the idea of a shared experience whether on stage or on screen. When we witness human fragility in a dramatised setting we open ourselves up to our own fallibility. Stories help us work out who we are and where we sit in the world.

“When we witness human fragility in a dramatised setting we open ourselves up to our own fallibility.”

How do you find your inspiration?

I love swimming in the sea, in the summer and winter. It reminds me we are powerful and insignificant all at once. I watch films and TV and talk with my friends.

What are the key qualities or skills you feel an actor should nurture?

Vulnerability, curiosity, physical and mental energy, a willingness to risk and fail and play EVERY DAY!

How do you see the Acting industry developing over the next few years?

The industry is in a moment of huge change. How it negotiates COVID-19 is unprecedented. I hope we push further into the difficult places and don’t retreat to the safe. I hope the landscape is less white and less male. That we tell stories of ALL not the FEW.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering studying Acting, what would it be?

Make sure you are ready and willing to put every part of yourself into the work. To commit everyday with passion and energy.

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