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In review: BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion Degree Show

Read a review of the BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion Degree Show by Graphic Design graduate, Fiona Burrage of The Nor-Folk. All imagery by Fiona Burrage.

Finding a purpose will give you purpose.

There was much anticipation around the first graduate cohort from BA Fashion Communication and Promotion. As I walked around the show, immediately I realised there was no house style, every graduate’s work was completely unique. The thread that tied their work together was that their creativity had a purpose.   A design student should find creating beautiful aesthetics easy. It’s creating a piece that has a reason for being, solves a problem and makes you think that is truly the creative part. It was evident by looking at how comprehensive the graduates’ projects were that the NUA tutors have thoroughly prepared them for the rigour of the world of work. 

“…Every graduate’s work was completely unique. The thread that tied their work together was that their creativity had a purpose.”

Fiona Burrage, The Nor-Folk

Talking to graduates as I walked around the show, placements and internships are very much encouraged. Being based in Norwich, you could be forgiven for thinking that could potentially be a barrier in securing coveted opportunities. You’d be wrong, this cohort have undertaken and been offered internships at Vogue, Wonderland, Vivienne Westwood to name a few.  

I spoke with Lecturer, Kat, about the course’s approach to teaching. Being collaborative with each other as well as other disciplines is essential. That said, during their three years, some graduates discovered their career path and were able to mould their degree show utilising those skills.  

At this stage, I must say, please do go and see the show for yourself, talk to the students and ask questions. The following are a few pieces that caught my eye.

I was struck by Caitlin Brown’s vision and I understand she has already been featured and commissioned again to showcase other rising designers – thanks to her creative direction.   The video by Liv Kearney-Harrould for Stella McCartney, in my opinion, could have been commissioned by the label itself. Liv focussed on how SMC is a vegan based brand and yet doesn’t feel the need to put that at the core of the communications, as do other brands.

Beth Poulter won the ‘Chair of University Council Prize’. Her final piece was for Toast and referenced how they work with artists. I had the pleasure to work with Beth in my capacity as a photographer and noticed a quiet determination. Talking to Kat and understanding FCP’s approach to learning, I can see that the course would have very much encouraged that proactivity (in preparation for the world of work).   I myself am a graduate from NUA, then an art school. I can still remember how proud I felt at my show and I could see the pride in the graduates and their work. The course had clearly instilled a sense of purpose and I will watch the NUA alumni news with interest to see this cohort’s next steps…