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We Are MA: Thitaphorn Mathurapan, MA Communication Design

We Are MA looks at the diverse practices and backgrounds of NUA’s MA students. MA Communication Design student Thitaphorn Mathurapan is from Thailand, and shares her thoughts about studying in Norwich. 

What were you doing before starting your MA Communication Design?

I did my BFA Computer Art majoring in 3D Animation in Thailand. I also did a graphic design internship for one term during my time at university.

While studying a UX Design short course in London, I realised that not only are artistic skills important but research and design processes make my work more well-structured.

I felt my work could potentially be improved with more depth and understanding of concepts.

What do you enjoy about the process of making?

I love when I get excited about a new idea and begin planning it out. Then the process of making it and seeing it fully realised as a final outcome is very satisfying to me.

What do you hope to achieve with your work?

It would mean so much to me if what I make could help people feel better about themselves. I think a good design is supposed to spread positivity, to make you feel something and to reflect perspectives.

Why did you choose to study a creative subject in the UK?

I like the fact that the journey of making is taken into consideration more in the UK. The UK is also more open when it comes to topics like feminism and gender equality, compared to Asia where a lot of issues are still being neglected.

What are your first impressions of Norwich?

The environment here simply inspires people to be creative. Norwich is a laid-back and beautiful city full of historical landmarks. I also like the fact I can explore the city so easily without relying on transport.

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