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BA Illustration graduate exhibits work across Europe

Felicity Morris displayed her Masters work at various exhibitions across Europe.

BA Illustration graduate Felicity Morris with her Masters project 'Post-Bed-Post'. She lays on a bright green mattress, which acts as a green screen, surrounded by blogger ring lights. The bed live streams to social media.

BA (Hons) Illustration graduate Felicity Morris, has exhibited her work across several countries in Europe, including at Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (Netherlands), Screen-It x Maison Florida, Hasselt (Belgium), Pantheon Phantasma, Cologne (Germany) and most recently Tech Art at Rotterdam Art Week, Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Felicity graduated from NUA in 2016 and went on to pursue a Masters degree in Social Design from Design Academy of Eindhoven, who hold their graduate shows at Dutch Design Week

“Dutch Design Week is a huge opportunity every year for graduates to extend their network, to attract some big names and also meet our contemporaries” said Felicity.

“Leaving business cards and talking to visitors by my work, and broadcasting live performances enabled me to meet a lot of people and from the contacts I made I was invited to several exhibitions.”

BA Illustration Graduate, Felicity Morris's final masters project. A green-screen mattress surrounded by blogger ring lights and a digital screen, which live streams to social media.

Felicity’s project was titled ‘Post-Bed-Post’, a self-broadcasting bed that streams straight to Instagram, raising questions about the merging of our physical and digital identity.

“In the age of minimal housing, physical space is being replaced with virtual space” said Felicity. “We work, shop and socialise online without having to leave our bed.”

Surrounded by selfie sticks and blogger ring lights, her bed becomes the stage for a series of live streams, inviting the viewer into this private domain.

The mattress acts as a green screen that can situate the user anywhere whilst in bed, and the static blankets allow the user to show or hide as much as desired.

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