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Success at Brains Eden for Games Art and Design Students

Five of NUA’s recently graduated BA (Hons) Games Art and Design students have recently returned from Brains Eden, the UK’s largest international games jam, where they produced their game ‘Plumage and Plunder’.

Brains Eden is the UK’s largest student games jam, now in its 12th year at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, and is supported by some of the biggest games, education, entertainment and technology companies in the world.

Grace Collas, Sam Wyper, Mia Tidnam, Becky Saunders and Becca Marshall were given the opportunity to represent Norwich University of the Arts alongside 22 other teams from across Europe.

Each team had 48 hours to create a full game experience, and NUA’s team was commended for their positive energy and strong work ethic.

The team continually impressed the judges with their preparation skills, going above and beyond to create a clear demonstration of their ideas.

They welcomed any critique and strove to adapt to it, so much so that Becca Marshall, the team’s main game developer, was awarded ‘Jammer of the Year’ for her strength as a developer and for responding so positively to feedback. She got a working prototype of the game ready within hours of the jam starting! 

All the members of the team are going on to form an indie studio after graduation, along with other NUA graduates. 

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