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5 top tips from Student Support about returning to campus

We are starting to come back onto campus after some time away. For some of us this will be exciting and good to be back around our friends, classmates and in the ‘real’ world again. For others this will be a time of some anxiety, perhaps about what it will be like or how safe it will be. Here are some tips that might help.

1. It’s okay if you’re feeling anxious

We have all been spending more time at home recently so it’s understandable if the thought of being around others again is causing anxiety. The idea of coming out of lockdown may feel strange, difficult and anxiety provoking. This is okay, so be kind to yourself!

Image Credit Sid Jones, BA (Hons) Photography

2. Saying “No”

 It probably isn’t helpful to avoid social situations completely, but if you want to say no to things that you don’t think you’ll enjoy, or don’t feel ready for, that’s okay.

Try not to be pressured into doing things that you don’t want to do, but…

3. Stretch yourself

Try not to let your anxieties stop you from challenging yourself, especially when it comes to safely seeing family and friends.

Perhaps try to do something every day, or every few days, that push you. Keep a note of what you have achieved and enjoyed to encourage yourself to keep going.

Making an action plan can help you to push yourself as it can help you to prepare. For example, know where you do and do not have to wear a mask in line with government guidance, but keep the mask on if it makes you feel more comfortable. Communication can also help you to prepare, for instance, before meeting a friend, agree with them how far apart you each want to stand/sit from each other.

Image Credit Sherlyn Goh, BA (Hons) Photography

4. Move on from bad days

There will be days that feel more difficult than others. This is okay! Learn from these days and pick yourself up! For example, if a trip to the supermarket felt difficult, could you try a different one, or perhaps a different time?

Image Credit Lara Chandler, BA (Hons) Photography

5. Stay safe

Even as rules are relaxing, you still need to follow up to date guidance on social distancing, washing your hands, and wearing a face covering. By working together and sticking to guidance, we can all help each other stay safe!

Lastly why not learn a new skill that will help you keep anxiety levels down, like 7/11 breathing. To find out more you can contact student support, we’re here to help.