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Catching up with BA Film and Moving Image Production graduate TP Hyland

TP Hyland is a writer and director who graduated NUA in 2013 with a First in BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production. Since graduating, TP has launched his own social video agency Eastkin and LNT productions, at the same time as freelancing with highly renowned agencies and companies. He is currently in the process of writing a TV show and is releasing a short film later this year. Alumni Officer, Catherine Hill wanted to talk to TP about his latest project with up-and-coming American Music duo Ida Mae.

How did you find yourself working on this music video?

Chris & Steph (Ida Mae) approached me a few years ago as they were about to embark on their new musical project together and asked me to direct their first two music videos, which was a lovely surprise. We had known of each other for years, but never really worked together.

They had seen my art/pop Real Life Charm’s art installation The Tame Modern and saw a bunch of the film work I had done for it and I think that was what impressed them to want to work with me. Since then, I have directed 5 of their music videos (3 videos of which are going into a longer form short film released later this year).

Why did you choose to create this music video in one-shot?

I’ve always wanted to try to create a one-shot music video, as i’m a huge fan of the really, long, drawn-out scenes – inspired by directors like Tarkovsky and Inarritu. I, Ida Mae and Luke (producer) looked over a bunch of old 1960’s photographs and in particular when the Rolling Stones stayed at Nellcote and Dominique Tarle’s photographs of them.

I loved the idea that it would be more of photograph that had small details of movement. Ida Mae trusted me and just let me do whatever I wanted. In my experience, there isn’t many artists who’d let you do that, so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

When you were deciding your career path, what made you choose to create music videos?

I grew up with a lad called Adam Powell, who went into music video directing (The 1975, Jamie T, Example). He shot my old band and we sat in Portsmouth eating chips, talking about ISO’s and shutters and his passion for it made me want to pick up a camera.

I had been touring and playing in bands since the age of 14, so it seemed like the natural progression once I started studying film at Norwich University of the Arts.

If you could recreate one of your favourite scenes in a film, which one would it be and why?

The end scene in Andrei Tarkovsky’s ‘The Sacrifice’. One day I’ll get to emulate it and it’ll be bloody chaos for my producer.

What does the future hold for you?

I work in film every day as I own a social video production agency. I’m fortunate enough by doing that, i’m able to pick and choose the music videos I want to work on (the money in music videos is too hard to live off) and write more.

I’m currently working on a script with my good friend Tim Swaby (also a NUA graduate) and we’re hoping that’ll turn some heads in the near future. 

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