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An interview with Lucas Yeung

Lucas Yeung’s passion for design inspired him to join NUA on the MA Communication Design course. The practice-led research techniques he encountered at the University enhanced his skills and gave him a robust creative process that has served him as an industry professional.

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Why did you choose to study your MA at NUA?

It was all driven by instinct to be honest. I was looking for further study during the last semester of my BA in English, and Graphic Design had been something that I was fascinated with. I used UK university league tables which offer information and rankings of schools offering design courses. That’s where I first got to know NUA. Aside from ranking, another consideration was the nature of the institution, which for me had to be an art and design school with a niche focus on this specialised profession. Specialisation allows sufficient resources in the field and creates an inspiring atmosphere where you are constantly stimulated.

How did your postgraduate studies at NUA prepare you for your career?

The multidisciplinary approach was pivotal. I got a brief every week and my tutors welcomed different interpretations. They would not narrow the scope of practice, so I could try different mediums to achieve my vision. Those experiences are now backing me up in my career – they are a foundation. Added to the continuous practice, the programme was not solely about technical skill acquisition. It heavily valued collective research and criticality. Now I am in the industry, I know these skills are so relevant in every creative process.

The year studying in Norwich is one of the most beautiful years in my life. NUA is not only a place to stimulate your thoughts, but a community constantly inviting you to question things.

What do you do now in your job/creative practice and how do you use what you learned at NUA?

Since Hong Kong is all about finance and business, I had never thought of being a graphic designer. But the portfolio I built during my studies at NUA helped me a lot, specifically in developing the sense of conceptual design. If not by luck, then by this portfolio I got into a British-run graphic design agency in Hong Kong specialising in publishing, branding, digital media and event collaterals. I have been working on publishing and branding projects and getting involved in web design. Regardless of the job, research and sound justifications are central. In a sense, the creative practice in the industry is so much like what I encountered at NUA.

Where can students see your work online?

My portfolio is online and I have a blog: