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Photographing my first few months in Norwich

International student Sanika Devdikar recently moved from India to study MA Photography at NUA

Since she arrived, Sanika has been capturing photos of her favourite spots in Norwich. We’ve asked her to talk us through her top six images that illustrate her experience of settling in to the city…

A night of wonder

I often find myself wandering around the alleys and roads and there is always some history attached to them. Sometimes, I need no reason to go out in the evening, taking idea walks instantly makes my day better.

Cotton candy, eye candy skies

I absolutely love how there is an instant pop  of colors when the sun sets. My favorite is obviously the cotton candy sky, and the streetlights truly are a sight to look at.

A walk to remember

Almost every store closes at four every evening, and then the city looks so different. This is one of the lanes I usually walk past through, heading to the charity opens whenever they are open, I always end up finding something exciting for my house showcase vintage collection!

The English autumn

For a change, I decided to visit the Wensum Nature Reserve recently. I don’t know what magic nature does, but it has always helped me gain clarity about the art I want to create. Art and nature go hand in hand, don’t they?

Boutiques bygone

Why did I fall in love with Norwich? Because art and history are around every corner of this city. I see this old frame workshop store and walk a little further to find a beautiful old vintage store by Tanya Goddard.


Very recently on a cold and windy afternoon, I went out for a break and ended up inside the NUA campus with a cup of hot chocolate. I sat on the bench listening to music and keeping me company were the birds chirping. They grey weather is still foreign to me, but I tell myself that everything is going to be fine.