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Student blog: Four photographers I look to for inspiration

BA (Hons) Photography student Bethany Unsworth has a passion for for fashion photography. If you’re in need of some inspiration for posing, lighting or just something new, read on for Beth’s top four inspiring photographers

1. Nadia Lee Cohen

Minimalism not your thing? Check out Nadia Lee Cohen– a photographer that oozes kitsch fashion through a time-travelling lens that takes us somewhere around the 1970’s.

Her shoots are high fashion meets vintage porn. A personal favourite collection of mine – Beauty Pageant – shows an unexpected juxtaposition that is just so Cohen, you should definitely look her up! 

2. Cole Sprouse

You might know Cole Sprouse from his days in front of the camera, but how about his work behind it? What I like about Sprouse’s photography is his relationship with his models. You can see a connection between the subject and Sprouse- to me this is one of the most important components of being a photographer.

3. Sarah Bahbah

I’m a huge film buff, so I when I came across Sarah Bahbah I was in awe. To me her style lies between fashion and documentary. Bahbah converses with her models during her shoot about love and loss and everything in-between and uses these words to caption her imagery- just like a movie.

Her images feel nostalgic and have a vintage feel to them through her limited colour palette. She’s managed to create something very new and unique from something we see almost every day and that’s why I think she’s one to watch!

4. Timo Kerber

Timo Kerber is a photographer I’ve come across fairly recently. He works with couture clothing and models in rural landscapes and the imagery is just perfection.

His images are filled with grandeur and beauty yet they have a little oddity to them- perhaps the photo is upside down, or the model is painted blue and that is what I am intrigued by. If you are looking for something fresh and different to inspire you, I’d look up Kerber first and foremost.

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