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We Are MA: Filip Kramarsic, MA Curation

Filip Kramarsic travelled to the UK to study a four year BA (Hons) Fine Art degree and is now completing his MA Curation. We chat to him about his time at NUA.

What was your experience of studying a Year 0?

Year 0 on BA (Hons) Fine Art was an eye-opening experience for me. I really enjoyed the different themes, subjects and exercises that the tutors presented to us.

In the first term, the courses study together which was great fun as you got the chance to learn something new from people with different ways of thinking and creative practices.

I really loved the contextual classes where my view on art was constantly challenged and expanded.

In what ways did the Year 0 benefit you and your practice?

The Year 0 was really beneficial in understanding how education at university level operates. From researching to grading, everything was useful to understand what the course was all about.

In the last project of Year 0, I had a big revelation about my interest and topics of research, which is still my topic of research now. If I hadn’t studied Year 0, I don’t think I would have gotten to where I am in my practice today.

Can you tell us about your transition to MA Curation?

In the last year of my BA (Hons) Fine Art, I was drawn to the idea of curation and I chose NUA because I had seen work from previous MA Curation students which impressed me. And to be quite honest, Norwich has grown really close to my heart.

The change to MA was challenging for me as now when I go to galleries and museums I have to think as a curator and not just as an artist. But I believe the challenge is good.

“Do not be afraid to explore. Your artistic voice can only improve and grow at NUA. “

Can you tell me about the projects you have been working on since you started your MA Curation?

I came up with a project in the last year of my BA (Hons) Fine Art which I am hoping to make happen on my MA course.

Norwich is in a twin association with Novi Sad, a city from my home country Serbia. My aim is to organise an exhibition to bring the art students from both cities closer and for them to give a contemporary response to a brief based on the current socio-environmental situation.

What inspires you about the creative community at NUA and in Norwich?

The creative community is everywhere here- around every corner there is something creative going on. There are so many galleries and artists’ studios in the city centre or around the county.

At MA level it’s a relatively small community, but the broad spectrum of works and backgrounds is very inspiring and there are so many chances to collaborate and support each other.

What advice do you have for someone from overseas who might be considering studying the arts in the UK?

I would say do not be afraid to explore. Your artistic voice can only improve and grow at NUA.

It might seem hard sometimes, but that’s why you have your individual and group tutorials, tutors and workshops. It’s all part of the creative process that everyone goes through.

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