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Andy Judd

Andy Judd is a Lecturer on BA (Hons) Graphic Communication at Norwich University of the Arts. Andy attended Croydon College from 2001-4 and completed a BA honours in Graphic Design. Andy’s creative career spans over 18 years; starting as a Junior Designer at Live Nation Music Entertainment, then progressing in the industry at Sold Out advertising, John Davey Studio — CBeebies, Spinning Hat, Professor Puzzle and eventually as the Creative Director at Shillington Education. Andy then moved into teaching at Shillington Education and Hertfordshire University.

My creative practice explores the idea of Thriving. I embrace this theme in my teaching methods, workshops, articles, talks and personal/freelance work. Over the years, I have predominantly adopted offscreen techniques to help express and embrace this theme.

As a creative, I encourage others and myself to embrace curiosity, play and spontaneity. From my experience, these areas can help overcome creative block, build confidence, and realise the undiscovered potential, helping form original and unique ideas and final outcomes.

I have taken part in various podcasts, talks, workshops and articles. A few examples include ‘Bounce the Block’ where I shared my experiences with creative block, and Design Calendar’s—Make Fest, discussing the importance of play and creative workshops at the LGBTQ+ centre in London, helping others express themselves creatively.

Aside from my full-time roles, I have recently worked as a freelance designer and teacher at the University of Hertfordshire. My clients have ranged from Tottenham Hotspur FC to Unicorn Magazine.


  • 2023   Essex Wildlife Trust Mural. 30 days wild Campaign.
  • 2023   Emotive Expression. SEN Creative workshop. Langdon Charity.
  • 2023   Connect the Dots Mural. University of Hertfordshire.
  • 2023   Zine Making, creative workshop. Access Creative College, Norwich.
  • 2022   World Kindness Day, creative workshop. University of Hertfordshire.
  • 2022   Lateral Thinking, Idea Generation development workshop. Norwich University of the Arts.
  • 2022   Analogue Typography. Creative Workshop. Norwich University of the Arts.
  • 2021   Meaning behind Mark, creative workshop. University of Hertfordshire.
  • 2021   Thriving, creative talk, and workshop. LGBTQ+ centre, London.
  • 2021   Make a Mark, creative talk, and workshop. Design Calendar—Make Fest Design Festival.
  • 2021   Being Bi, article and analogue type design. Unicorn Magazine.
  • 2021   Creative Block article and analogue type design. Shillington Post.
  • 2020   Power of Play through Typography, creative talk, and workshop. Design Hotline. Citizen M Hotel, London
  • 2020   Overcoming Creative Block, podcast interview. Bounce the Block podcast series.
  • 2020   Sky Garden London, mural. LGBTQ+ inclusion initiative and collaboration project.
  • 2020   Orange Peel Identity suppression, event, and art series. Curator and creator.
  • 2020   Diversity in Design. Curator of Diversity Scholarship, In collaboration with The Champion Agency.
  • 2020   H&M Graduate showcase. Student creative initiative and platform during COVID. In collaboration with The Midnight Club design agency.

Other activities

  • Volunteer designer, Unicorn Magazine
  • Member of the Design Calendar creative community. A Community for connection, creativity, and Collaboration.
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