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Fine Art students selected for Raveningham Sculpture Trail 2021

Year 3 BA (Hons) Fine Art students Natasha Day and Joella Gardner have been selected to create works for the Raveningham Sculpture Trail 2021. 

Raveningham Sculpture Trail is an established annual exhibition of contemporary artworks through 3 acres of semi-wild meadows, gardens and woodland in the grounds of Castell Farm, a Tudor farmhouse on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk.

The trail will feature 62 selected artists from across the UK creating diverse site specific artworks for the trail and two pop-up gallery spaces, with the aim of creating an uplifting, inspiring space for people to experience contemporary art in a rural setting.

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Artwork by Natasha Day and Joella Gardner.

Both in their final year of study on BA (Hons) Fine Art, Natasha and Joella both incorporate the natural world into their practice. For the trail, Natasha will create hanging sculptures from tissue and papier-mâché which will be suspended along the woodland walk. 

She comments, “Materiality directs my process and I gravitate towards mediums that can mutate and lead the creative process. I prefer anything water based for this reason or non- toxic chemically led…My references are always immersive experiences in the natural world, walking in woodland, swimming in the sea, observing details of pattern and design around me. Conceptually, this feeds into my concerns around nature and human interconnection.” Joella creates precarious sculptural objects with the aim to bring a heightened awareness to the viewer’s physical presence, whilst providing a moment to reflect upon our relationship with nature.     She says, “Fascinated by the details and processes of the organic, my work celebrates and carries an essence of what I experience in the natural world. Through the careful balance between material and construction, my practice explores ideas of change and impermanence, embracing unpredictability and serendipity through experimental process.”

View more of Natasha’s work on her Instagram @natashaday9158 and website

View more of Joella’s work on her Instagram @joella.gardner

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