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Celebrating Place: a practical drawing workshop with Jess Nash

Monday 29 June 2020, 11:00 UTC+1

In this online workshop, professional illustrator and NUA graduate Jess Nash will show you the techniques illustrators use to draw on location.

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This workshop is for:

High school students interested in art. You don’t need to be ‘good’ at drawing to take part – all abilities welcome!

What you will need to take part:

  • Two photographs of your home town or country that are interesting/exciting to you. These images could be of any space outdoor or inside, with or without people or maybe it could be your favourite public space like a food market or a hidden spot.
  • A pencil and paper.
  • This workshop is online. We recommend using a laptop or computer to join us on Zoom.

In the workshop we will draw from our chosen photos and create two separate reportage illustrations that celebrate place. On occasion, drawing on location isn’t possible (like during lockdown) and so we’ll apply the same method of drawing live to these images; using them as inspiration. Often when drawing on location things don’t stay still for very long and so we will be doing fast paced drawing, spending twenty minutes on each one; remembering that the image doesn’t have to be complete for it to be interesting.

Find out more about Jess on her Instagram and website.

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