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In conversation with…Alexandra Fullerton

Alexandra Fullerton, author, freelance stylist and editor-at-large for Glamour UK recently visited our campus with Graduate Fashion Week to spend time talking to our BA (Hons) Fashion and BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion students and exploring our creative spaces. Our students put their questions to her about her career so far.

Alexandra Fullerton at NUA

About Alex

Alex has had a variety of job roles in her 20-year career from styling to writing, and has worked for top publications such as Glamour, Stylist and The Telegraph writing about her first love, fashion. She is also the author of the book ‘How to Dress’.

“I was obsessed with dressing up when I was little,” said Alex “I wore different costumes to tell stories and watched clothes shows religiously.”

“I started buying Vogue at age 15, and it was then I realised that there were other jobs in Fashion beyond designing – that I could work in the industry I loved without having to actually make the clothes.”

Alex has styled top celebrities over her career, such as Kylie Minogue, Florence Welch, Sophie Turner, and Alexa Chung.

Our students ask Alex…

Q: What makes a good idea? How can you trust yourself on what is a good enough to pitch?

A: I get really excited about it. If it excites me, then hopefully someone else will get excited about it too. There are moments where you doubt yourself but when the excitement takes over, roll with it and don’t listen to the inner nagging.

Q: How do you balance everything without having a breakdown?!

A: Knowing when to ask for help is really important. I was overwhelmed in my early career wondering how I’d fulfil all of this job. Communication is important, as is delegating and prioritising work. Lists help too!

Q: As a freelance stylist, how did you meet brands to borrow clothes for shoots?

A: Networking! Start at university. Speak to people on design courses and ask to borrow their garments to build a styling portfolio. Then you can take that to brands and press offices when you need their resources.

“All the students at NUA were seriously impressive. I loved their dedication and commitment to sustainable practices and their creativity and engagement made me feel happy and hopeful for the future of the fashion industry”

Alexandra Fullerton

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