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Alumni Interview with Amy Shore, Senior User Experience Consultant

After working as a graduate intern for Foolproof, a digital design agency in Norwich, Amy was offered a full time role as a UX Consultant. Now she gathers customer insight and analyses the results to improve digital services. The company’s client list includes Transport for London, Santander, Dominoes and Shell.

What kind of tasks do you work on in your job?

As a UX Consultant I work to understand clients’ objectives for their businesses and customers. We conduct research with clients and users to understand design problems and explore solutions, then work closely with our design studio to turn insight into design.

Do you have any tips for budding creatives in your field?

Being able to communicate your ideas in a clear and interesting way is key. Practise being able to stand up in front of peers and strangers, talking about your work. Is the story that you are trying to tell clear?

Why is your particular practice important to the creative industries?

User experience improves the lives of millions of people around the world. A bold statement but a true one. Successful user experience measurably improves the value a user derives from a product or a service. Most will design for a ‘target audience’ but without true consideration for the end user. User Experience puts the user at the heart of the creative process.

What do you think was distinctive about your university experience?

Creative freedom. I felt I had real opportunities to try new things at NUA. I never felt restrained and had the opportunity to collaborate across courses.

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