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Alumni Interview with Josh Allen, Senior UX/ID Designer

Josh works at Splash Damage games studio in London as a Senior UX/UI Designer, working on AAA+ console and PC games. Before obtaining a first class degree at NUA, he interned as a designer as part of Ideas FactoryNUA, a University-run business consultancy which employs students and graduates to create bespoke design for external clients. In his final year, Josh interned at Sprung Studios working on many high profile projects, which lead to a job on graduation.

How has your creative practice evolved from before you started at NUA through to what you do now with your job?

I’ve gained a lot of base knowledge on programs and work practices, as well as support from some great tutors. I’m now able to make informed career choices that suit me and my skillset.

What kind of tasks do you work on in your job?

As a UI Artist, I create user interfaces for games. I start off with flow diagrams for the player journey and then create the wireframe for the layout and structure. Once I’m happy with the wireframes I make all the art for the UI and place it into the game engine.

What is a typical day in your studio like?

Awesome! I get to be creative and passionate about my work. The games industry is everything I wanted for my career. I’m surrounded by amazing, talented people that inspire me every day.

Do you have any tips for budding designers?

Be passionate. Your career is a huge part of your life, you should love what you do. And network! Do lots of networking. It’s not just down to who you know, it’s who knows you, and how well you can do the job.

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