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Clearing is part of the application cycle for universities. It’s an opportunity for students to apply for undergraduate courses that still have spaces available to start in September.

Clearing gives you a chance to apply for an undergraduate course if you’re not already holding an offer from a university or college, or got different results than you were expecting.

Scroll to see our courses available for September 2024 and apply now. Or why not book an Open Day and find out more about all Norwich has to offer.

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Acting students warming up

Acting BA (Hons)

Become a performance artist with the skills required to go into many areas of film, television, radio, and digital media, with the expert training of Norwich’s BA (Hons) Acting degree course

View CourseActing BA (Hons)
Lighting shoot for Earnest, student work by Annabell Bird

Animation BA (Hons)

Explore the full range of animation techniques and prepare a career in the fast-moving animation industry on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Animation degree course.

View CourseAnimation BA (Hons)

Animation and Visual Effects BA (Hons)

Wield the creative and technical skills behind the latest Hollywood movies, with teaching from the award-winning studio professionals on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) degree course

View CourseAnimation and Visual Effects BA (Hons)
Student work by Theo Galvin shows architectural model on a set dinner table surrounded by gold framed artwork

Architecture BA (Hons)

Take your first step towards a successful career as a registered architect on Norwich University of the Arts’ BA (Hons) Architecture degree course.

View CourseArchitecture BA (Hons)
Student work by Emily Shields book cover for contact

Design for Publishing BA (Hons)

Learn to create compelling, effective and beautifully-designed print and digital products on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Design for Publishing degree course.

View CourseDesign for Publishing BA (Hons)
Student work by Molly Green. Model wears a dress with 'fabric' made from strawberries

Fashion BA (Hons)

Learn from fashion industry leaders and build a professional portfolio on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Fashion degree course.

View CourseFashion BA (Hons)
The motherhood shoot was inspired by renaissance portrayals of the biblical figure Mary (the mother of Jesus). (‘The Sistine Madonna’ by Raphael being the biggest influence). The images show a mother and her child outlined with Greek biblical text quoting (Luke 1:42) ‘…Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.’ The Mother figure is an allegory for mothers who in this context symbolise ‘the beginning of life’. Renaissance art often romanticises relational characters, so I conceptualised the mother and child to replicate Raphael’s ‘The Sistine Madonna’ and other classic portrayals of the biblical figure in a renaissance-esque editorial style. Creative director, stylist, set designer – Noreen M H Photographer – Eleanor Bartltop Assistant – Samuel Ogunleye Makeup Artist – Mariogona Selimi Models – Noreen M H & Aletheia R H

Fashion Communication and Promotion BA (Hons)

Get set for a successful career in fashion marketing on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion degree course.

View CourseFashion Communication and Promotion BA (Hons)
Fashion Digital World Symposium in the Duke Street Lecture Theatre

Fashion Marketing and Business BA (Hons)

Become a business strategist who understands the marketing mechanics behind big name and challenger brands on the catwalk and high street on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Business degree course

View CourseFashion Marketing and Business BA (Hons)
Frame from student film under the blanket directed by tanicha toro-oloto

Film and Moving Image Production BA (Hons)

Write, produce and direct your own original short film on the BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production degree course at Norwich University of the Arts.

View CourseFilm and Moving Image Production BA (Hons)
Student work by Caroline Clarke. Large metal spirals on plinths which hide mechatronic devices that nudge and wiggle the spirals, giving them the impression of independant movement

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Develop your craft and hone your skills in purpose-built fine art studios on Norwich University of the Arts’ BA (Hons) Fine Art degree course.

View CourseFine Art BA (Hons)

Games Art and Design BA (Hons)

Gain the skills and knowledge you need for a successful career in the games industry on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Games Art and Design degree course.

View CourseGames Art and Design BA (Hons)
Thumbnail for Oli Paul Card Game

Games Development BSc (Hons)

Discover what it takes to become a successful games developer and master the skills you need for commercial success on Norwich’s BSc (Hons) Games Development degree course.

View CourseGames Development BSc (Hons)
Student work by Emma Watts shows a visual concept for a 3D shop sign of some candy rock where the name is the writing in a cross section of the rock

Graphic Communication BA (Hons)

Challenge graphic communication ideas and design to develop first-rate skills on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Graphic Communication degree course

View CourseGraphic Communication BA (Hons)
Student work by Jack Shorter shows mockups of branding for a tinned drink

Graphic Design BA (Hons)

Learn how to generate creative and effective design solutions for a range of industries on Norwich’s Creative Skillset accredited BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree course.

View CourseGraphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration of Exotic Fish by Maisy Dainty

Illustration BA (Hons)

Build your skills across 2D and 3D media, exhibit publicly, and prepare for a career in illustration on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Illustration degree course.

View CourseIllustration BA (Hons)
Student work by Lucy Cave collage of an exhibition space with warm colours and sound baffles on the ceiling

Interior Design BA (Hons)

Develop designs for different interior spaces, engage with industry professionals and hone essential craft and drawing skills on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Interior Design degree course.

View CourseInterior Design BA (Hons)
Student work by Joe Rolph

Photography BA (Hons)

Perfect your skills for a successful photography career on Norwich University of the Arts’ BA (Hons) Photography degree course.

View CoursePhotography BA (Hons)
Brightly coloured printed patterns on a sofa

Textile Design BA (Hons)

Develop your professional skills and personal style as you prepare for a career in the textile industry on Norwich’s BA (Hons) Textile Design degree course

View CourseTextile Design BA (Hons)
Student work by José Torcato showing a visual proposal for an app

User Experience Design BSc (Hons)

Master the skills you need to become a UX designer and learn how user design experience works across different industries on Norwich’s BSc (Hons) User Experience Design degree course.

View CourseUser Experience Design BSc (Hons)

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