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In conversation with…Danny Sangra, Film-maker

Danny Sangra, freelance film-maker, writer, artist and photographer, got chatting with our BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Business courses on how he got started in his creative career. Our students put their questions to him about his career so far.

About Danny

Danny has had a varied career as an artist. He is predominantly a film-maker in the fashion industry, and has worked for clients such as Burberry, Miu Miu, Vogue and Selfridges.

He is also an accomplished scriptwriter, winning awards at Madrid Film Festival.

“I started as a Graphic Designer,” said Danny. “That’s what I studied at college.”

“I never think of college being my starting point. I thought of my starting point being when I began drawing at eight years old, but I’ve realised now that it was when I five, playing with action figures, making up stories.”

“I do the same thing now, but with real people.”

Danny on creativity

“The more you interact with other people, the more you get opened up to new ways of working. I took everything that came my way” said Danny.

Talking about seeing his work come to life, Danny said “when I see how an actor is interpreting what I’ve written, seeing them nail it on camera, I get such a buzz.”

“Don’t be afraid of diving in at the deep end, just go for things.”

“All you need is a pen and paper and you can tell stories”

Danny Sangra

Our students ask Danny

Q: What advice would you give a student to get experience or a job while studying?

Think about the places you really like and find a contact email. I’d really suggest trying to find a personal way in – so find someone specific at the place you want to work, contact them directly, set up a call.

Whatever email you send, make it personal. Don’t make it a blanket email – you can tell. Make sure the people you send it to have a certain position in the company.

Don’t go to the biggest companies first – go for the smaller companies that will give you the most creative freedom.

Q: You speak about being yourself in industry, what’s your advice for balancing a brands aesthetic while maintaining your own style

Generally they won’t come to you for you to copy their stuff – they are coming to you because they like your style.

I used to get concerned about this early on when I was really young. I just assumed I would do ‘their thing’.

If you’re commissioned, do your thing first. You’ve got to make it an open conversation – ask for creative freedom and bounce ideas back to the brand.

Q: With fashion week moving towards the digital realm, do you have any ideas on how they can use film to make an immersive experience?

A lot of brands are still working this out, I don’t think there’s an answer yet.

But if you’ve got an idea, get it out there. There’s nothing stopping you approaching a brand and attempting to implement it.

You can explore Danny’s work on his website and Instagram.

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