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In conversation with Professor Experience Bryon, BA (Hons) Acting Course Leader

Norwich University of the Arts’ BA (Hons) Acting course is due to begin in September 2020. Course Leader Experience Bryon discusses what’s unique about the course and studying in Norwich.

Why study acting?

In the current climate the working actor is one that enters the profession through a myriad of avenues. Netflix/Amazon series, podcasts, ensemble-based skit shows, and performance art mixing between that of digital media and live emerging genres are common today.

In addition to the more traditional route, the contemporary actor often makes their way into mainstream film and stage work through these avenues. At Norwich we will cover both conventional and new tracks to employment in parallel. 

What’s unique about BA (Hons) Acting at Norwich? 

The programme has been specifically designed towards excellence, innovation, and employability. We will prepare you to be an independent creative practitioner. The embodied performance training at NUA integrates voice, movement and acting, examining practices that are designed to aid you to access your full emotional and creative instrument.

Alongside this intensive training, you will be encouraged to explore and experiment across different live and recorded contexts while gaining skills in various mediated technologies through sound and camera work.

A distinctive feature of the BA (Hons) Acting course is its reflective and responsive approach to learning and teaching as key to your experience and as a means to maximise learning opportunities.

Here we are not only concerned with ‘how’ to act but we also question what acting as a discipline ‘does’ and explore new possibilities for the craft as we engage across various media, styles and forms.

“You will not only be able to thrive as an acting student, but you will find your community. “

Experience Bryon

What’s special about NUA?

It is renowned as a rigorous visionary community offering courses in art, design, architecture and media (including animation and gaming), while fostering a dynamic collaborative framework for investigation and practice.

NUA’s innovative and distinctive approaches to subject, content, learning and teaching have placed the university at the forefront of creative art and design education in the UK for the last 175 years.

For many years, its graduates have helped to shape the future and have become leaders in their respective disciplines. 

Why is it valuable to study alongside people from other disciplines?

Unlike the experience of many graduating from conservatoire environments, your colleagues in addition to being performers will also be film makers, producers and media editors, photographers, fashion and costume designers, animators and game designers – in short people that you are more likely to make work with in your career. 

What is the creative community like in Norwich?

In this unparalleled creative environment within the UK’s most complete medieval city, with picturesque cobble stone streets, an outdoor market, a 900-year-old Cathedral, and an active and diverse art and music culture you will not only be able to thrive as an acting student, but you will find your community.

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