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Meet our Student TikTok Team

Tanicha (BA Film and Moving Image Production) and Louella (BA Fashion Communication and Promotion) both lead on our official student TikTok account.  The students had never met before taking on the role of Content Leads and are paid by the university to lead a team of fellow students to regularly post videos all about their experience of NUA, Norwich and their courses. In this blog, we get to know the students and explore the TikTok account.

Where are you both from and how would you describe Norwich in one sentence?

Tanicha: I am from Whitstable in Kent. Norwich is a friendly colourful City with small town energy.

Louella: I am from Felixstowe in Suffolk. Just one sentence…that’s so tricky! Norwich is such a lovely place, so many opportunities with it being a city, but still feels small with the quaint shops, the place has a lot of personality. 

What is the NUA TikTok channel used for?

Louella: The TikTok account was made so that we have a platform that allows the content to be purely student lead.

This allows us to come up with the ideas and make the channel what we would like as well as sharing what we feel like people would want to see. 

Tanicha: The account was born early February, and is used for showcasing student work, ideas and advice for newcomers, meal ideas, positive news and much more.

It is an opportunity for students to be involved by coming up with ideas for content and producing them. TikTok is fun, easily digestible and that is where our audience is now. 


How do you come up with the ideas for the account?

Louella: Tanicha and I will have a long teams call every two weeks, although we’re in contact most days, where we will discuss what content we need to post in the upcoming two weeks, this allows us to be always two weeks ahead.

We will often go through the latest trends and keep a list of national dates, highlighting anything important we need to cover.

We then choose some video ideas we want to do and assign them to ourselves and the other TikTok student creators that help with videos. We also made a list of ideas that we want to do, so we work our way through that and with it being a shared document we can add and edit ideas as we go.

What do you feel you’ve got out of being a Content Lead?

Tanicha: Being a TikTok Lead has been great in being able to talk to new people, build ideas and grow my skills. Working with Louella has been so fun and it’s been great launching the TikTok together.

Could you tell us about your favourite places in Norwich?

Tanicha: My favourite place in Norwich is Cafe No.33, I would move in if I could and the Plantation Garden.

Louella: It really depends on the time of day; I love the markets in the daytime for fresh fruit and veg and exploring all the little independent shops. In the evening I would say one of my favourite places is Gonzo’s, I love going there with my friends and they have the best cocktails.

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What have you enjoyed about your course so far?

Louella: There are so many things! I’ve really enjoyed delving into so many different skills from marketing to photography, social media to branding.

There are so many areas to cover, and I love that we are allowed the freedom to decide what we like and what we want to pursue further. I feel like even in the two years I’ve learnt several new skills that I can take into future industry practices.

Tanicha: I love how hands on our course is and how we get to try out different roles.

So far I have worked as a director on a documentary unit, writer, producer, production designer and currently working on directing a fashion film, with fashion communication students. Being able to create, try something new and work with different people is what I love. 

And finally why should we follow NUA TikTok?

Tanicha: You should follow NUA TikTokto be inspired. 

Louella: The channel is so useful, not to just students but everyone. It gives you an insight as to what we get up to on the many different courses.

We started a new episode that we post every two weeks full of positive news, to offer a bit of hope through some of the bad news we are seeing now. We put a lot of effort into making the content as engaging and as fun as possible so following us would be really appreciated! 

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Photography by Chris Roberts, BA Photography graduate