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We Are MA: Studio Goblin, MA Moving Image and Sound

Luke Green and Fraser McNiven met during their MA Moving Image and Sound and founded Studio Goblin after graduating, based in the Ideas FactoryNUA. We interview them to find out more about their animation studio and experience of MA study. 

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Can you tell us a bit about Studio Goblin and how it came about?

Luke: Studio Goblin is an animation partnership based in the Ideas FactoryNUA. We focus on bespoke 2D animation that puts fun and creativity first.

We met during our MA Moving Image and Sound and with both of us having a love for more traditional animation we naturally felt ourselves drawn together.

What sort of projects have you worked on so far?

Luke: We’ve worked on a wide variety of different projects and it changes week to week- music videos, social media adverts, games art and animated segments for documentaries. The nature of animation means anything can be created and we pride ourselves on delivering the unusual.

How does Studio Goblin work as a partnership?

Fraser: We like to each have a hand in every project. It’s true that we both have our strengths, and so we play to those. This means that most projects go back and forth between us. Often times we assess each project and designate one of us to take the lead, which works well for us.

However, there have been occasions where it is beneficial for each of us to tackle projects separately, and usually we do this to use our time as effectively as possible.

“See what others are not doing and do that – be weird, be wild and be brave!”

Looking back, did your practice grow or change in a way that you did not expect?

Fraser: Very much so. My practice has changed a lot as I came from a very illustrative background and a decade ago would point to very detailed, painterly pieces of art as my main inspirations.

Now I have a much stronger connection to clean, simple designs and enjoy reducing concepts down to their most recognisable symbols.

What would you say to someone considering MA study?

Luke: Experiment. MA study is a time to break the mould and go beyond your comfort zone. See what others are not doing and do that- be weird, be wild and be brave!

See Studio Goblin’s work on their website or Instagram

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