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Why I chose to study Graphic Design

Our Graphics courses at NUA are unique. During the first year, students dabble in all four specialisms, before choosing their route to pursue in year two and three. In this blog, Year One BA (Hons) Graphic Design student Olivia Knights tells us about why she chose Graphic Design at NUA.

What subjects did you study before coming to NUA?

My A-levels are in English, Sociology and Graphic Design. I was lucky enough to go to a secondary school that offered a GCSE in graphics, so by the time I chose to study at NUA I felt confident that the career I was most suited to was in the design industry.

What sparked your interest in Graphic Design?

My GCSE teacher originally encouraged me to pursue graphics. I remember during various primary school art projects, I’d have ideas that were impossible to achieve working with crayons and a Pritt stick.

I definitely still have a creative mind, but I’d like to think that I’m now able to execute my ideas far better! I’ve never been an excellent artist, so I loved that Graphic Design gave me the opportunity to be creative through a variety of methods.

Graphic Design offers so much flexibility – you’re never tied to one medium or method. I really feel that I am able to create anything that solves the brief.

Why did you choose Graphic Design at NUA?

I loved the feel of NUA as soon as I arrived for the open day. The campus and city felt so friendly and welcoming.

Contact time and time in the studio was something really important to me, so the personal nature of NUA and the structure of the course fitted my requirements nicely.

The studio environment is something very valuable too. I felt this would prepare me for a life in the creative industry, whilst also being a great opportunity to make friends, collaborate and get inspiration (which it really has been).

NUA ticked every box and I knew it was the right place for me!

“I love that I am being taught to have ideas and think in an entirely creative way”

Why do you think graphics is important?

Graphic Design is essentially the art of problem solving. The ability to solve any problem that is presented in front of you is invaluable.

I love that I am being taught to have ideas and think in an entirely creative way. Design can influence the future, encourage sustainability and social change.

Having the skill to make a difference and give people a voice is something that definitely excites me about the industry. Being able to communicate in a unique way is something special.

What would be your dream job when graduating?

I would love to work as an in-house designer for a brand or work in a design studio.

There are so many skills I’m yet to learn so who knows where the industry will take me, I think that graphic design is a great pathway to so many careers.

Anything that would allow me to work as part of a team and produce exciting work!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying Graphic Design? 

Having a creative mind and the ability to think of ideas is far more important than technical skills or being able to draw or paint. You will be successful with good ideas and creativity, you can easily learn software!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for your friends’ opinions of your work. It was something I definitely didn’t do enough before starting at NUA.

Getting inspiration and seeing how other people interpret a brief is one of my favourite parts of working in the studio. Just be ready to learn and think in a unique way!

You can keep up with Olivia’s work on her Instagram @oliviaknightsdesign

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