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Alex Crocker

Alex Crocker is an MA Tutor on the MA Fine Art course. Alex graduated from the Royal College of Art, with an MA in Painting, and from The University of Brighton with a BA (Hons) Fine Art (Painting). He attended the De Ateliers institution in Amsterdam from 2016-2018. 

His  paintings are drawn from his surroundings, his daily walks, domestic routines and family life are recorded in simple drawn images of birds, bricks, worms, cars, bikes, trees, flowers, cats, people, clouds, windows. This stuff of the world is transcribed into paintings dealing with inner and outer spaces and the feedback loop created when exteriorising a thought into an image.

Alex’s work is available to view on his website.

“Positioning my work in relation to psychological responses to external and internal landscapes within historical and contemporary painting, I use my surroundings to generate imagery that allows me to prod the edges of visual experience and consciousness.

Within my painting I am interested in the intersections between the graphic and figurative, and the compression of light and composition into surface. I aim to explore the tension that rises between the agency of paint and the making of an image. The flow between the impetus to make an image, the formal attributes of painting that the image filters through, and the crystallisation of the final painting.

The fundamentals of painting such as surface, colour, and scale, as well as time, placement and accumulation are paramount when making my paintings. This is countered by graphic and economical figuration which cuts against the grandeur or traditional machismo of painting.

I am interested in how my paintings relate to space, and through shifting scales I consider how paintings can act in and also create spaces.”


  • 2021 — Block-ck-ck, Two person exhibition with Anna Brass, Outpost Studios, Norwich
  • 2020  — End Cottage, Solo Exhibition at TACO!, London
  • 2019 — Outpost Members Show (selected by Jessica Warboys), Outpost, Norwich
  • 2018 — On Land, Two Person exhibition with Ian Homerston, 53 Beck Rd, London
  • 2018 — Trout Steel, Group exhibition, The Horse Hospital, London
  • 2018 — Sightings, Group exhibition, Caraboo Projects, Bristol
  • 2018 — 28th December 1980, Group exhibition,  Asylum Studios, Suffolk.
  • 2017 — Two Person exhibition with Charlie Duck.  9 Parsonage Sq, Norwich
  • 2017 — Earth Worm, Solo exhibition at Martin Van Zomeren, Amsterdam
  • 2016 — The Talking Lamp, Group exhibition,  Kennington Residency, London
  • 2016 — Potlatch, Solo Presentation, De Ateliers, Amsterdam
  • 2016 — Cul-De-Sac, Group exhibition, Studio Cybi,  Llandudno, Wales
  • 2016 — Buning Brongers Prijzen, Group exhibition, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
  • 2015 — A Bestiary, Group exhibition, Turf Projects, London
  • 2015 — Wyrd, Solo exhibition, Ana Cristea Gallery, New York 
  • 2014 — English Stoneware, Group Exhibition, Troy Town Art Pottery, London

    2014 — New Participants, Group exhibition, De Ateliers, Amsterdam
  • 2013 — Every bird brings a different melody to the garden, Group exhibition, No Format, London
  • 2013 — Creekside Open (selected by Paul Noble), Group exhibition, A.P.T, London
  • 2012 — We Need These Images, Group Exhibition, Cole, London

Other Activities

  •  2022 — Freelands Fellow – Manchester Metropolitan University – Fellowship post at Manchester Metropolitan University.