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Christopher Middleton-Bolch

Christopher Middleton-Bolch is a Senior Lecturer on Games Art and Design at Norwich University of the Arts, specifically focusing on 3D creation and Unreal Engine blueprints. He has been teaching Games Art and Technology in higher education for the past four years. In addition to his academic career, Christopher has also been involved in the Esports industry as a professional player. This experience has allowed him to develop a keen ability to analyse game worlds and competitive environments critically.

Drawing upon my skills as a player and my passion for 3D development, I have dedicated my time to creating 3D spaces that foster competitive environments. Developing sketches and mockups for various maps within popular games such as Apex Legends, CS;GO, Overwatch and more. These ideas are then transformed into 3D level designs, where I envision and test how players navigate through the maps.

I studied Computer Science at Kingston University which led to my fascination and proficiency in Unreal Engine blueprints. My goal is to introduce students to the vast possibilities achievable through blueprints, thereby igniting their passion for this versatile visual scripting language.


  • 2023–PresentLiving in changing landscapes
  • 2019Player Committee member for H1Z1 pro league
  • 2017–18Early alpha tester for Player Unknown battleground, The Culling & islands of Nyne
  • 2017H1z1 Expo at Gamescom, Twitch streamer and broadcaster
  • 2016 – Founder of Revenge EU esports league
  • 2016–20Esports professional player for Alliance, Penta esports & Mockit Esports