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Hannah Reslan-Bhardwaj

Hannah Reslan-Bhardwaj is a Lecturer for Games Art and Design, specialising in Asset Production. Hannah has a diverse range of creative work experiences. She completed an Illustration degree in 2015 and has since moved into 3D work.

Hannah has also worked with traditional sculpture for theatre and film, most prominently contributing to Cave Painting Pictures 2016 movie The Void. 

In 2019 Hannah moved into games development and has worked as a character artist for indie games. 

From 2020 – present, Hannah has taught at NUA for Games Art and Design. Hannah’s teaching focuses on engaging students in industry practices and encouraging an enthusiasm for learning new pipelines and expanding their skillsets. Hannah’s teaching specialism is Asset Production but this extends to character and creature modelling and design. 

In 2015 I produced the illustrated cover for the Arts University Bournemouth’s theatre production Rights of Man, which used paper cut techniques to showcase silhouette. 

In 2016 I worked for The TwinsFx, where I assisted painting and finishing large scale set pieces. I also refurbed, sculpted, molded and cast several showcase Dr Who pieces for the workshop’s own display.  

In 2019 I had the pleasure of being part of an incubator, specifically an indie games start-up at Falmouth Launchpad. It was an eye-opening experience into business and start-ups, as well as further insight into Game Dev production pipelines. I learnt a lot from my time with Launchpad and much of those skills and learnings I’ve carried forward into my present-day practice. 

I regularly participate in Artstation challenges, the most recent of which was ‘Animals Untamed’. They force you to work at high speed with constraints and criteria to be met – much like production work. 

I constantly aim to upskill, research and learn – I believe you must in this industry which is ever changing. I’ve come a long way with my practice in just the last 2 years and hope to continue that upward trend! 


2022 – Lecturer for Games Art and Design, NUA [present]. 

2021 – 3D character art commission for client in the US for his book, (NDA). 

2020 – MSc Business and Entrepreneurship. Falmouth University. UK. 

2020 – Associate Part Time Lecturer for Games Art and Design. 

2019 – Junior 3D character artist at Falmouth Launchpad, Parallax Games. 

2018 – Production Assistant with composite materials. Moog Insensys, UK. 

2018 – Various commission work, 2d illustrative and 3d maquette. 

2018 – Mortal Engines Talent House competition entry. UK. 

2016 – SFX Intern – The Twins FX. UK. 

2016 – Creature maquette course with Jordu Schell. London, UK. 

2015 – Illustration degree BA (Hons). Arts University Bournemouth, UK. 

2015 – Evening courses at AUB, (including Zbrush Creature Design, 2d creature concepting, SFX makeup). UK. 

2015 – The Void – Movie. Special Effects Artist in Training, (credited). Toronto Canada. 

Visit Hannah’s ArtStation to see her work