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Jade Boothby

Jade, a seasoned professional with three years of dedicated service, holds a unique bond with the university as both an alumna and a valuable member of the team.

Drawing from her background as a film student, she specializes in guiding current students through the intricate realms of film cameras and cinematography. At the heart of the university’s Media Resource Centre, Jade plays a pivotal role in facilitating student access to essential equipment, ensuring their cinematic endeavors unfold seamlessly.

London-born and bred, I ventured into the film industry after graduating in 2020. While my roots are in the bustling city, my journey extends both within and beyond its borders. As an Assistant Camera (AC), I’ve contributed to diverse projects, from music videos and short films to commercials and a Sky TV show.For the past three years, I’ve found my home at the university’s Media Resource Centre, where I specialize in guiding students through the nuances of film cameras and cinematography. Balancing my part-time role at the university, I dive into smaller shoots and professional photography gigs during my downtime. Portraiture, in particular, has become a passion, allowing me to capture the unique stories of individuals. This blend of academic commitment and professional pursuits forms the tapestry of my narrative in the dynamic world of film and photography.