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Jamie Johnstone

Jamie Johnstone is a Lecturer on our graphics courses.

I started my teaching career as a visiting lecturer in 2017 whilst still working in the design industry in London. After leaving London I moved to Norwich to take on my current role as lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts. During my time in London I worked at the top branding agency in the world on large scale, award winning, branding/packaging jobs for well-known commercial brands. Most recently I worked as a senior designer at Ted Baker in London. This role consisted of branding, packaging, digital, innovation design, store design, print and large budget seasonal films.

My approach to graphics throughout my career has always been on creating meaningful and intelligent design solutions, with ideas at the centre of my practice. I have a passion for typography, photography, great ideas and above all, creativity.

In my current role I am always pushing to ensure that our students are equipped to create original, creative and thoughtful design solutions. My aim is to inspire and teach in a way that will help them to find their own creative path, whilst also learning the core skills needed to prepare them for the design industry.