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Marilou Chagnaud

Marilou Chagnaud (b. 1983, Montreal) is an artist whose practice combines printmaking, sculpture, and site-specific installations.

Her work revolves around the use of lines, colours and geometrical patterns to investigate spatial perception and movement. Through repetition, grid systems and symmetry, she develops a visual language that incorporates both two and three-dimensional forms. She is interested in the potential of folds and pliable materials to create dynamic compositions that play with the viewer’s perception and generate sensory experiences. Chagnaud lives and works in York, UK. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence (2003-2008), followed by a Diploma in Textile Design from Centre Design et Impression Textile de Montréal (2012-2015).

Along the Norfolk coastline, a geological process involving the actions of wind, waves and tides is being accelerated by climate change: the rapid erosion of beaches and cliffs is altering landscapes. Building upon her last research and creation projects, which explored the movement of wind and environmental perception in Australia and England, Chagnaud will immerse herself into the region of Norfolk to develop a new body of works, reflecting on Patterns – how natural forces can be captured through minimal forms – and Interfaces – how to portray the human relationship to shifting landscapes. She will develop a site-responsive installation at East Gallery using the Textiles Print and Dye Workshop, the Print Making Workshop, and the 3D Workshop, at the Fine Art & Photography and Fashion & Textiles Faculties.