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Nigel Coton

My professional practice has given me the opportunity to work with high profile publishing, marketing, graphic design and advertising clients and to contribute to major campaigns. I have had work printed on billboards, the side of taxi’s and trains, as maps and magazines as well as multimedia campaigns. As an academic, my current research practice is focussing on a subject area under the project title of ‘In The Pursuit Of Sleep’. The culmination of this will be a children’s book that engages the senses both visually and physically. Through this I have undergone a process of deconstructing narratives, (primarily fables and myths), to explore how text uses rhythmical nuances when communicating. This has helped develop my practice to explore both traditional and digital processes as a means of expression contained within a set of self-imposed rules. The path has subsequently broadened my research to survey the wider topic of childhood, more specifically, the ‘concept’ of childhood and it’s relationship with social influences, education and emotional development.

Commercial clients

A selected list of recent clients: Vodaphone, Wrigleys, Harcourt Publishing, ATL, Legoland, Evening Standard, London Underground, Milupa, Pedigree, SMA, Tixylix, Euro RSCG, Dawes & Associates, Norris Lincoln, National Army Museum, Chelsea, London Transport, VCCP, TwentyFirst Century, Ideas Unlimited, Target direct, The Good Agency Group, Macmillan, Leukaemia Research, RNID, Savlon, Interfocus, Edwards, Yahoo

Awards and exhibitions

  • 2013: Pheonix Galley Brighton, Artist’s books Exhibition
  • 2012: Foyles – Artists’ book sold
  • 2012: LMNOP – ‘Thieves’ (Artists’ book – collaborative project). Highly commended
  • 2011: Battersea Art view – Exhibition of selection drawings
  • 2010: Brewhouse, Taunton – Exhibition of selected drawings
  • 2009: University of Portsmouth. Visiting lecturer
  • 2008: Cheltenham Illustration Awards – Highly Commended
  • 2008: AOI Images exhibition and Book
  • 2008: Exhibition, Click clock gallery London


  • Institute for Learning
  • The Association of Illustrators