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Professor Louis Nixon

Louis’ role is to provide strategic and operational leadership of Research and Knowledge Exchange (KE) and to lead the University’s engagement with industry and build its reputation as a centre for world-class research in creative arts and technologies.

My research and practice encompass painting, sculpture, installation and experimental film, often presented as multi-media installations in galleries and public spaces. I have a particular interest in creativity and technology and I am currently a Co-Principal Investigator on two large international research projects Building Platform Technologies for Symbiotic Creativity in Hong Kong and Future Cinema Systems.

As a practicing artist I have exhibited widely in the U.K, Europe, and Asia. Recent projects include Off-Earth (2015-2021) at Osage in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Space Museum. Off-Earth is a film which explores human presence in space through objects that have been accidentally dropped or deliberately placed in space by the people who have travelled there.

Recently completed funded projects include which is a visual and material study and a set of films which explore the problem of space debris

I supervise PhD students in Contemporary Art and before joining Norwich University as Dean of Research and Knowledge Exchange, I was the Director of the Academy of Visual Arts and co-convener of the Augmented Creativity Lab in Hong Kong (from 2018) and Associate Dean for Research (20014-18) and the Head of the School of Fine Art ( 2007-14) at Kingston School of Art, Kingston University, London.


Grants and awards

  • 2021   Future Cinema Systems (FCS) Co- Principal Investigator. Innovation and Technology Support Programme. Hong Kong.
  • 2021   Building Platform Technologies for Symbiotic Creativity in Hong Kong. Co- Principal Investigator. University Grants Committee (UGC) Theme Based Research Grant.
  • 2019   Dropped, visualizing space debris through sculpture and film. A human centred taxonomy of space. Principal Investigator. Hong Kong Research Grants Council
  • 2018   HKBU Research Grant.
  • 2000   London Arts Board. Individual Artist Award
  • 1996   Arts Council England. Publication Award.
  • 1995   Foundation for Sports and the Arts. project grant.
  • 1989   Boise Travel Scholarship
  • 1989   Robert Ross Scholarship
  • 1988   British Institution Fund (Awarded by the Royal Academy School)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2021   Dropped, Osage Art Foundation. Hong Kong + screening at Hong Kong Space Museum.
  • 2020   Beyond Matter, 1A Space, Hong Kong
  • 2012   Island. Southard Reid, London
  • 2010   Across the Border, Dispari & Dispari, Italy.
  • 2005   Flag, Economist Plaza, Piccadilly London. Contemporary Arts Society
  • 2005   Everywhere Nowhere, Atelier 25 Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • 2001   Rolling Barrel. Station. Bristol
  • 2001   The Sound of Air, Gloucester Cathedral
  • 1999   Artist of the Day, Flowers East, London
  • 1999   Tourist, Space Explorations. London
  • 1999   Tuning In, Customs and Excise Building, Exmouth Dock

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2021   City A. City as Medium. Hong Kong Science Museum
  • 2021   Top Picks. Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
  • 2021   1A Space, Art Basel. Hong Kong
  • 2021   Future Memories: Utopia, Dystopia, Nature. SCM Gallery. Hong Kong
  • 2020   Art Machines: Past / Present. Harry and Indra Banga Gallery. Hong Kong
  • 2020   Hong Kong Spotlight, Art Basel. Hong Kong
  • 2020   Drawing As The Core. Koo Ming Kown Gallery, Hong Kong
  • 2019   We Are Publication, The Hold, Stanley Picker Gallery, London
  • 2014   De Colore, William Wright Artists Projects, Sydney, Australia
  • 2012   Royal Academy Summer Show. Royal Academy London
  • 2010   Cabin: Codex, 100 artists books. Visual Research Centre, DJCAD
  • 2010   Vette, Palazzo Frisacco, Tolmezzo. Italy
  • 2008   Two Become One, M50 Moganshun Road, Shanghai China
  • 2006   Armenia Biennial, Gumry, Armenia
  • 2006   Out-Or, Poznan, Poland. Video Installation
  • 2006   London Orbital, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston
  • 2005   Art Caucasus, Tbilisi, Georgia, October 2005
  • 2005   Kontakt-Kontext, Inner Spaces, Poznan, Poland
  • 2005   Frankly, ON Gallery Poznan, Poland
  • 2005   International Exhibition of Artists Flags, Centre of Visual Culture, Serbia
  • 2004   Values, 11th Biennial of Visual Arts. With ArtLab. Pancevo. Serbia
  • 2004   Un Cuscino Per Sognare, Parco Esposizioni Novegro. Milano
  • 2003   Don’t start from the good old things but the bad new ones, Whitechapel Project Space. London
  • 2002   Crossings, 10th Biennial of Visual Arts. Belgrade. Serbia
  • 2001   Don’t go to Work, Rhodes and Mann. London
  • 2001   Station to Station, Spacex. Exeter
  • 2000   Von Gimborn Arboretum, Utrecht. Netherlands
  • 2000   Century City, Tate Modern, London. Space Explorations (Archive and Publications)

Selected Publications & Catalogues

  • 2021   Creating a Global Cultural City via Public Participation in the Arts:  Volume 2: Conversations with Hong Kong’s Leading Arts and Cultural Administrators. Book Chapter. Ed. Patrick Lo. Nova.
  • 2021   Dropped. Exhibition catalogue. Text by Charles Merewether. Osage Gallery
  • 2020   Art Machines: Past-Present. Curated by J Shaw & R Allen. CityU, Hong Kong
  • 2020   Drawing as the Core. Koo Ming Kown Gallery, Hong Kong
  • 2010   Across the Border: Louis Nixon, New Work. Text by Dean Kenning. Published by Dispari & Dispari  Italy. ISBN 978-88-95600-02-4
  • 2006   Fifth International Biennale Gyumry. Gyumry Centre for Contemporary Art
  • 2006   Out-Or, Catalogue. Poznan, Poland
  • 2005   Frankly, Catalogue. ON Gallery, Poznan, Poland
  • 2005   Art Caucasus, Catalogue. Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 2002   Crossings, Catalogue. 10th Biennial of Visual Arts. Belgrade. Serbia
  • 2001   Rolling Barrel, Artists Book, Published by Art and Space, ISBN 09531689 06
  • 2000   Von Gimborn Arboretum, Catalogue. Utrecht. Netherlands
  • 1999   Tourist, published by Space Explorations, ISBN 09531689 1 3
  • 1999   Furniture, published by Richard Salmon Gallery, London, ISBN 1873550 11 1
  • 1999   Without Day, Proposals for a New Scottish Parliament. City Art Gallery Edinburgh. ISBN 0 74866277 4
  • 1999   Tuning In, Customs and Excise Building, Exmouth Dock. Artist’s book and audio work.
  • 1997   Space Explorations, texts by Penelope Curtis, Mel Gooding David Barrett and Mark Currah. Published by Space Explorations. ISBN 0-953168905
  • 1997   Moving Targets, Louisa Buck. Tate Gallery Publishing, ISBN-10: 1854373161
  • 1996   Moby Dick, Texts by Rita Salvaggio and Pier Luigi Tazzi. Published by John Hansard Gallery
  • 1996   Live – Life, texts by Laurence Bosse and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Musee d’Art Moderne, Paris
  • 1996   Commissioning Art works, Published by The Arts Council of England.
  • 1996   Highlights: Design from Great Britain, Cologne. Published by the Museum of Applied Arts
  • 1992   Space Explorations, Arts Council Film and Video Production
  • 1992   UNTV, Video Publication, Including Gilbert and George

Selected Public Lectures, Talks and Conferences

  • 2021   Panel Discussion “Cultivating Great Minds (Innovation in Pedagogy)” in the Asia-Pacific Professional Leaders in Education (QS APPLE) 2021 Conference and Exhibition.
  • 2021   Dropped, public lectures and tours. Osage Gallery
  • 2020   Beyond Matter: In conversation with Harald Kramer, 1A Space, Hong Kong
  • 2014   Everything is somehow included. Panel Chair ICA London. With the Contemporary Art Research Centre, The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy and the Visual and Material Culture Research Centre

Selected Articles and Reviews

  • 2022   Louis Nixon ‘Dropped’. Art Asia Pacific
  • 2020   Louis Nixon: Experimenting Beyond Matter, Art Asia Pacific. September
  • 2012   11 Course leaders: 20 Questions. Published by Q, Art ISBN: 978-0-9564355-1-4
  • 2009   Public Art China, Issue 1. ISSN 1674-7038, pp 8 -23
  • 2007   ART, ISSN 1812-6634. pp 63-70
  • 2001   Spotlight. Architects Journal. Article by Steven Spier
  • 1999   High-Rise. Art Monthly, David Barrett, No.226
  • 1996   One Million Cubic Feet. Time Out. Mark Currah. May 1996 (Issue 1342)
  • 1996   Space Explorations. Flash Art. (Issue 195). December

PhD Supervision


  • Cornelia Erdmann (Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU 2021)
  • Emma Hart (Kingston University 2013)
  • Ailbhe Ni Bahrain (Kingston University, 2009)

Current students:

  • Ron Yakir
  • Nadim Abbas
  • Li Xioaxiang

You can see more of Louis’ work on his website or blog (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)