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Roter Su

Roter is a Lecturer on BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production and Subject Lead for MA Film.

As a lecturer in Film and Moving Image Production, Roter’s teaching encourages students to understand and experience the interaction between actors/subjects and filmmakers, particularly in documentary.

He supports students through developing their understanding of filmmaking technically, theoretically and conceptually.

In order to enhance students’ sense of real world, Roter provides guidance to develop their own practice and perspectives in their work. He also works professionally as a freelance filmmaker for a wide range of moving image productions.


My practiced-based research is on discovery of cultural identity on liminal cultural and national status, particular on first generation of Taiwanese immigrants in the UK. Under the concept of Postcolonialism and Postmodernism, I applied documentary making as my main practice with conceptual application on subjects’ Everyday Life.

In those documented audiovisuals, I examined and studied the subjects’ representation who generate a new identity by the balance of cultural resistance of their origin and adaptation of local culture.

Based on this methodology, I have applied and expanded it to my current research and documentary series that looks at the identity of athletes and body performers through psychology, sport and social science. As this research crosses three different academic fields, it provides me an opportunity to collaborate with specialists in different areas.

  • 2019-: Documentary Series: Be Your Own Competition: ​A Meta-Ethnography Study of the Body, Physical Performance and Performance-Enhancement (director)
  • 2018-19: Safe You Plus Project co-founded by ERASMUS +, UK, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Italy (director of video production)
  • 2018-19: Agents of Change collaborated with Imperial College and Hammersmith United Charity (director of video production)
  • 2018: Differences United Film Project collaborated with Hammersmith United Charity, UK (director of video production)
  • 2018: Away From Home (feature Documentary), UK (cinematographer & editor)
  • 2017: Safe You Project co-founded by ERASMUS +, UK, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Italy (director of video production)
  • 2017: PhD practice-based research – Floating Home (feature Documentary and Documentary series), UK & Taiwan (director)
  • 2016: The Pigman (short Film), UK (cinematographer & editor)
  • 2015: The Intruder (short Film), competition founded by, China (cinematographer & editor)
  • 2014: Blueprint (short Film), competition founded by, China (cinematographer & editor)
  • 2014: Hot Wings (feature Film), UK (cinematographer & editor)
  • 2013: We Ain’t Stupid (feature documentary), UK (cinematographer & editor)
  • 2012: Promotional video of AiWeiWei activity by Gusa Publishing, Taiwan (editor)  
  • 2010: Short films project of Natural History Museum associate with Kingston University, UK (cinematographer & editor)