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Shaun Camp

There are currently two strands to my research; work that encompasses notions of third memory, or third space, and the further contingent of trace.  This is through work that uses photography, video, drawing and installation, to capture the familiar and through the dissolution of the focal point, pictorial fragmentation, and the coming together of action, space, and time is suspended. The resultant works serves as a trace, a residue of an event, or subject; the referent is lacking through an absence of specificity. The second strand to my research is centred upon the creative process within a teaching and learning context, specifically the psychoanalytical significance of play, and how this is made manifest within contemporary art practices.

Collaboration is also a key factor of my practice, both on a national and international level; I have worked with a number of higher education institutions across Europe.

Beyond this I am also interested in extending existing and developing creative teaching and learning strategies, including the use of online technologies and delivery, and the application of distance learning, within an art & design context. Shaun’s work is available to view on his website.


  • June 2013: ‘Workshops On Psychoanalysis And Art History’ – University of Essex
  • June 2013: ‘Snip’ (In Partnership with Snap) – Exhibition of Prints, Abbey Barn Snape Maltings, Snape
  • October/December 2012: ‘4 Zvilgsniai’ – Exhibition of Prints, Antano Moncio Museum, Palanga
  • August 2012: ‘Double’ – Exhibition of Prints and Digital Video, Siauliai City Gallery, Siauliai
  • July 2012 ‘Zones of Interrogation: Borders and Space for Intervention’ – Article for MIK, Peer reviewed Journal, Vytautas Magnas University
  • July 2012: Curation of ‘29’ Photomontage Exhibition by Rimantas Plunge – Stew Gallery, Norwich
  • April 2012 ‘The Fortuitous Encounter’ – Exhibition of Photographic Prints, Gallery 101, Vytautas Magnus University
  • June 2011: ‘Prix De La Photographie’- Official Selection, Paris, France
  • May 2011: ‘Distiliatoriai’ – Gallery 101, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • March/April 2011: ‘Video Seansas’ – Cinema Museum, Vilnius, Lithuanania
  • Instigated September 2010 to run to September 2011 (Outputs are currently being published): ‘Subjek’ – Year long web-based photographic collaborative project
  • May 2010: ‘A Bruit Secret’ – Exposition Au Jardin de Plantes L’Ecole Beaux Arts de Rouen, Rouen, France
  • November 2009: ‘Tribute’ – Stew Gallery, Norwich
  • May 2009: ‘High Definition in Post Production’  – Swim Seminars 09, Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • April/May 2009: Installations of ‘Dali’s Cut’ and ‘Dali’s Wound’ – Enter 7 Festival of New Media Art, City Gallery, Siauliai, Gallery 101, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • March 2009 to November 2009: Second Phase of ‘CAL Project’ – In Partnership With The Anatomy Department, University of East Anglia – Web-based application
  • December 2008: Media – Initial Training Conference – Centre De Conference Albert Borschette, Brussels
  • December 2008: ‘Swim In The Digital Age’ – Research Meeting, Brussels
  • October 2008: Successful funding application for Swim in the Digital Age, Digital Technology within Film Production and Dissemination, consortium with Babes Bolyai University, University der Kunst Berlin and Sciencecom, Nantes – Second phase of project to take place in Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • July 2008: ‘Gesture & Mapping’  – The Project Space, Norwich
  • July 2008: ‘Motion Capture In Film Production’ – Paper Delivered At Swim Seminars, Nantes, France
  • February 2008: ‘Online Technology In Art & Design Education,’ Paper For JISC And Higher Education Academy, London
  • April/May/June 2005: Curation Of The ‘My Writing Worlds’ Project – In Partnership With The New Writing Partnership And The Forum Trust, Norwich
  • March/April 2004: ‘It’s Surreal’ – Stroud House Gallery, Stroud

Other Activities

  • 2011: External Moderator – Cambridge Access Validating Agency
  • 2011 – 2013: Member of Board of Directors Stew Gallery
  • 2006 – 2007: NSAD Teaching Fellowship