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Graphic Design graduate’s studio ranked top in the UK

Studio Sutherl& was ranked first in a poll of the UK’s top 30 creative studios.

Studio Sutherl&, launched in 2014 by BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate and Hat-Trick Design founder Jim Sutherland, has been ranked first in a recent poll of the UK’s top 30 studios. Over 60 creative directors, course leaders and studio founders were asked to name their most revered and respected industry peers, with NUA alumnus Jim Sutherland coming out on top.

“We’ve managed to come top for the last two years and that’s amazing. I’m particularly delighted as it’s a design peers survey. As a small studio you are working in a bubble, so recognition and validation from outside is lovely,” said Jim.

“I have deliberately decided to keep the size of the studio small, so we can really focus on the design work itself. We only take on projects we love, for interesting people that we’d like to work with. My overall approach is to put as much joy as we can in every project and hopefully that shows by what comes out the other end. I think you do better work when you’re enjoying yourself. It is still hard work but so rewarding”

Looking to the future, Jim hopes to take on more exhibition and signage work, as well as international projects. “I think you get better with every project you do, so I want to do a lot more.” He said.

You can keep up-to-date on Jim’s work on his website.