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MPC head of training talks Oscar-winning Jungle Book with students


In March NUA BA (Hons) VFX were accompanied by BA (Hons) Animation and also BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production students to hear from Andrew Schlussel, Global Head of Training and Development at award-winning production and VFX company Moving Picture Company (MPC). MPC is one of the biggest visual effects studios in the world with global facilities hosted in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Amsterdam, Bengaluru, Paris and Shanghai. Recent work includes Blade Runner 2049, Passengers, A Monster Calls, Alien Covenant, and commercials for Nike, Uniqlo and THAT John Lewis ad. MPC recently hit the news for winning the Oscar for Jungle Book and is now developing Lion King which promises to continue to push this VFX driven world approach. Andrew spoke to students about the skills needed to create feature work like Jungle book and discuss how technology and software used for VFX is rapidly developing in the industry.