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Assessment is the process of evaluating or assessing your learning.

Sometimes it will involve consideration of work in progress, while at others it concentrates on work which you have completed and submitted as assessment requirements for each unit of study.

The University assesses you through the coursework that you produce as you complete each unit. Each unit will require that you present a portfolio of work which may include finished pieces of work, written work, your research, and a reflective journal which allows you to evaluate your learning and highlight your strengths and areas for further development.

There are two types of assessment that you will receive while on your course:

  • Formative assessment is the process whereby your work and progress are assessed at regular intervals with accompanying feedback from staff in order to help to improve your performance. Staff will provide you with feedback on the progress of your work before you reach the assessment point at the end of the unit. This may take place one-to-one with a tutor (eg in a tutorial) or in group sessions.
  • Summative assessment is the process whereby your work is evaluated and given a mark at the end of course unit. Summative assessment formally records your achievement of the unit’s learning outcomes.

You will be assessed against the approved unit learning outcomes and assessment requirements as outlined in Unit Outlines and Project Briefs which you can find in the Course Guide. Project Briefs guide you through the specific areas of work in which you will be engaged in order to produce the work required for assessment and so successfully achieve the unit learning outcomes. Further information about assessment can be found in the Course Guide which is available on the relevant Course Guide.

Many courses also employ self and peer evaluation or assessment within their overall assessment processes. Self-evaluation and self-assessment require you to reflect upon your learning and performance and to submit this to tutors. Peer evaluation and peer assessment are used when students have been working in teams and require each team member to reflect upon their peers’ performance and to submit this to tutors.

Feedback following assessment

Formative assessment is itself a process of feedback on your progress. You are also given feedback on your performance following each summative assessment.  This is delivered in accordance with your unit outline and with reference to the Norwich University Student Agreement and Norwich University Feedback to Students Policy. Feedback on assessment performance will be given to you in a written report with opportunities to meet your tutor for further discussion.

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