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Can I apply as a CIC or only as an individual artist?

You can apply if you are more than one artist, but the £20,000 grant would remain the same and be shared by the applicants.

Are you looking for an artist based in Norfolk? Would preference be given to an artist/maker living locally?

Artists do not need to be based in Norfolk. Preference will not be given to artists based locally – the Fellows will be selected based on their application.

Can I apply if I am a student at another university?

Yes, if you are able to fulfil the requirements of having a minimum of two years’ professional practise, you have the time and capacity to fulfil the requirements of the Fellowship, and all research activities and outputs are cleared by both universities.

Will emerging artists be considered as well, cause I’m mindful that established artists will have a large strong portfolio, which I think honestly can feel a little bit intimidating for new people and emerging practitioners applying.

Yes, we have been quite conservative with the two year requirement for professional practise to take into account that emerging creative practitioners will not have as much experience.

Can international artists apply?

International candidates are welcome to apply but must provide evidence that they have the right to live and work in the UK for the full duration of the Fellowship – Norwich University of the Arts is unable to provide administrative or financial support with visa applications, travel to the UK, or accommodation.

Regarding the international artist applying, would you give us enough time to get the visa ourselves if one is selected?

Yes, within reason, we will give the selected applicants sufficient time to plan to take up the Fellowship.

Do you know what sort of visa one would have to apply if they are selected for this?

We are only able to provide advice about student visas and the Fellowships are not eligible for student visas. We recommend that you consult the UK Gov Visas and Immigration webpage and speak to an immigration expert.

If you’re an international artist who’s applying, can you get a supplementary grant to support you like for accommodation, is that allowed as part of the programme?

Norwich University of the Arts would not provide a supplementary grant, but you are welcome to apply to other funding organisations to support travel and accommodation costs.

Candice Allison

East Gallery Curator (maternity cover)