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Programmes and Facilities at Norwich

What are the different faculties and programmes at the University?

  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Fashion and Textiles
  • Film and Performing Arts
  • Communication Design
  • Computer Arts and Technology
  • Fine Art & Photography

For more information about programmes visit our course pages 

What workshop facilities do you have?

Please visit our youtube channel where you will find informative video tours about Norwich University of the Arts and its different production and technical workshops.

Studio provision:

Will there be any studio space available?

You will be provided with access to a working studio space as required during the Fellowship. Studio space for initial research and project development will be located at Bank Plain, the University’s newly acquired building. Depending on the needs of each individual fellow and their research area, we will take a flexible approach to allocating space for production which could be at Bank Plain or within one of the programme areas identified by the fellow.

Is there a dedicated working space for the fellow on campus that is separate from the workshops and facilities mentioned?

See above – allocation of studios will be dependent on the needs of the Fellow.

Access to studio/facilities: What times and days is access permitted to the university and facilities? Will this be restricted during academic holidays?

University hours during term time are generally 9am – 9pm Monday – Thursday. Access is not permitted on Fridays after 5pm, Saturdays after 4pm, Sundays and Bank Holidays. The University is closed over the Easter weekend and the two days afterwards, as well as the week between Christmas and New Year.

The workshops and some buildings have late opening hours on certain dates during term times only. There is reduced access to some buildings during the academic holidays as Estates have reduced staff numbers during this time.  

Is the studio a private or shared space? Will we be able to use it for the whole duration of the fellowship?

See above – allocation of studios will be dependent on the needs of the Fellow.

Access to academic expertise: How does Norwich University of the Arts see the relationship with the fellow developing in a research context? For instance, if university staff/departments are named in the application, how will time be allocated for collaboration with the fellow or is it on an informal, flexible basis depending on staff workload?

The time spent with academic staff will depend on the needs of each Fellow and will be an informal and flexible process.

Is it possible to use equipment like technology cameras and so on from the university or do I have to bring my own stuff to work with?

Yes, the University has state of the art equipment and technological resources that you can access. We also have the new Immersive Visualisation Lab, the only one of its kind in the UK, and the equipment needed to produce content for that.

I’m interested in in art and technology and doing some creative coding, so my resource requirements will be less around physical kit and more about whether there are other people at the university who are also doing things like creative coding and IT and can share that.

Yes, we do have staff in Computers and Technology with specialist knowledge in their field.

Candice Allison

East Gallery Curator (maternity cover)