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Register with a GP

The National Health Service (NHS) provides health services in the UK and all students are entitled to treatment from the NHS, including student visa holders who will have paid NHS surcharge fees as part of the immigration process.

We recommend that you register with a doctor as soon as possible after your arrival in Norwich, so that you’re already registered if you become unwell.

If you need to see a doctor but haven’t had a chance to register, you can still go to the Norwich Walk-in Clinic on Rouen Road.


Treatment is generally free of charge, but there are fees for dental treatment and prescription drugs. Students are normally entitled to help with prescription costs.

International students

If you’re joining the university from overseas, the NHS provides a useful guide to health services in the UK.

Where should I register?

You can search for NHS surgeries to register with a doctor close to your new home in Norwich.


It is good practice for students to be fully immunised in accordance with Department of Health recommendations. We advise that new students check their vaccination status via their GP practice before arrival at the university

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