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Industry insights: Students explore creativity in the workplace

Meet the students and organisations taking part in our innovative new Level 5 Diploma in Creative Professional Development, as they reflect on their first industry placement experience. 

This year, a group of Norwich University of the Arts students have taken the opportunity to further develop their employability skills and professional experience, by embarking on a Level 5 Diploma in Creative Professional Development.

The diploma is open to students on most undergraduate degree courses and is taken as an optional additional year of study between Year 2 and Year 3. It’s designed to introduce them to a wide range of creative roles and expand their understanding of what it means to work in the Creative Industries.

Monika Swiat working on her placement with the Broads Authority
Image Credit: Monika Swiat, BA (Hons) Photography with L5 Diploma in Creative Professional Development

Students take part in both a six week and twelve week placement within a creative team during the one year diploma. Each host organisation works with the University to refine the role they can offer. These roles are then matched with students based on their learning outcomes and areas of interest. Students are assigned a mentor within their workplace, with touch points throughout the placement to ensure both student and host are supported in achieving their goals. 

“These placements offer local organisations a valuable opportunity to engage with emerging creative professionals, and to improve their understanding of how best to foster junior talent. The support we provide to both the students and the host organisations goes much further than the usual internship or placement scheme.”

– Evie Ross, Business Link Officer at Norwich University of the Arts

BA (Hons) Photography student Monika Swiat worked with the communications team at the Broads Authority. She was presented with the challenge of working with the archive of naturalist Ted Ellis, to assemble a narrative of his work on social media. By sharing insights from Ted’s life’s work, the project aimed to encourage viewers to take part in rediscovering the wilderness around them.

“Working with the Broads Authority was a great learning experience, the communications team were more than welcoming, and they helped me along the journey. I am grateful to have been with such multi-skilled and kind colleagues.”

– Monika Swiat, BA (Hons) Photography with L5 Diploma in Creative Professional Development

Ted Ellis Journals Instagram profile
Image Credit: @tedellis_journals on Instagram – Supported by Broads Authority, Ted Ellis Trust and Norwich University of the Arts

Video production company, Lambda Films, hosted a BA (Hons) Animation student who worked alongside the Animation Director on a variety of projects. Their founder, Ryan Stone, saw the placement as an opportunity to inject new thinking and ideas into their company, gaining insight into how younger audiences perceive and consume video content.

“We were impressed by the confidence and personality of our student placement. They quickly made friends with our entire staff, and added a new dynamic to the team and how we work. Our student was not afraid to try, and quickly grasped the complexities of client relationships, agency communication and individual responsibilities.”

– Ryan Stone, Founder of Lambda Films

Host a creative student placement at your business or organisation

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