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Student works as AI Artist on Kasabian music video

BA (Hons) Photography third-year Kieran Cook has worked as an AI Artist on rock band Kasabian’s new music video SCRIPTVRE.

Warning, the following video contains flashing images

Kasabian – SCRIPTVRE: credits

The internationally renowned British rock band’s recent music video accompanies their song SCRIPTVRE, from their upcoming album THE ALCHEMIST’S EUPHORIA.

BA (Hons) Photography student Kieran Cook worked alongside director Rory Woods and a team of creatives as an AI Artist on the project, developing the band’s vision to battle AI synthesised versions of themselves:

“A metaphor for the post-internet/post-modern ages penchant for rehashing and digitalising anything it can, establishing Kasabian’s reputation as true originals.”

Kieran Cook, BA (Hons) Photography

Kieran developed his approach as an extension of his practice while studying for his BA (Hons) Photography degree, blurring the lines between organic photographs and artificially synthesised imagery.

“This approach was originally based on still images, utilising existing skills I had developed as a photographer. By inputting my own images into artificial intelligence and utilising animation, I could edit my images in imaginative & surreal ways.”

Kieran Cook, BA (Hons) Photography

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Kasabian – SCRIPTVRE Credits:

  • Director: Rawtape @rawtape
  • Prod Company: Bullion Productions @bullionproductions
  • Exec Producer: Joel Spencer @j_spencr
  • Producer: Theo Hue Williams @theohuewilliams
  • AI Artist: Kieran Cook @destructionmanual
  • AI Artist: Belle Docherty @beldocherty
  • AI Artist: Maximilian Kreig @makkkk66666
  • AI Artist: Y7
  • AD: Afzal Robbani @affy89
  • Runner: Richard Leimon @ricoleimon
  • Runner: Esme Drummond
  • Runner: Yustyna Libicka @f3uzi
  • PA: Kathryn Chorley @kathryn_chorley
  • DOP: Fraser Rigg @fraserrigg
  • AC: Ondrej Rybar
  • 2AC: Aida Garcia Vega @aidagarciavega
  • Camera trainee: Lou Alvarez @lou_alz
  • Key Grip: Tom North
  • Grip Assist: Anne Deacon
  • Gaffer: Nathan Rubins @nathanrubins
  • Spark: Leo Olesker
  • Spark: Daniel Matthieu
  • Spark: Daniel Svilenov @daniel_svilenov
  • Art Director: Alan Scott @alanscottyz
  • Art Assist: Nycollas Abreau @nycnycollas
  • Art Runner: Ashen Page @ashenpage_
  • Stylist: Chris Henderson @chrisjohnhend
  • Stylist Assist: Josh Barber Cruz @jishxkapish
  • Hair/MUA: Jackie Tyson @jackie_tyson
  • BTS Photographer: Neil Bedford @neil_bedford
  • BTS videographer: Arran Ashan @arranashan
  • Editor: Rory A. Wood @roryawood
  • Colourist: Darren Rae @darren.rae.333
  • Colour House: Cinelab Film & Digital @cinelabuk
  • Lab Dailies Producer: Aarti Mahtani @aarti_mahtani
  • Special Thanks: Joshua Callis-Smith at Cinelab @jcallissmith
  • Marketing Manager: Polly Withington @withigram
  • Commissioner: Lea Ogunlami @lea.ogunlami
  • Band Management: John Coyne