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Interior Design at Norwich

We hope that you are having a good summer and are looking forward to beginning your journey at Norwich University of the Arts.

We, your programme team, are looking forward to welcoming you in September and working together to discover what drives your creativity.

This is your welcome information, which tells you a little bit more about how to prepare and what to expect when you are here.

Welcome Week starts on Monday 16 September and this is when we will meet you on campus and introduce the tutors and campus facilities. The course team are keen to meet you and there will be opportunities to start getting to know the other students in our programme. You will attend talks about the services and facilities the University offers, as well as have an opportunity to explore the City of Norwich and the local landscape.

The first taught day of your course is Monday 23 September, when we will talk you through your timetable and explain the different teaching sessions you will participate in during the year.

It would be great if you could think about the following questions before you get here:

  1. Identify your favourite space from your memory that you have experienced. This may be anything: your grandparents’ front room, a museum or garden you explored, a public space visited in another city/country.
  2. Are there things about this space that inspired you to take this course?
  3. Consider how you would describe these aspects in drawing, in writing or in a model?

We look forward to starting this amazing journey with you in September!

Things to watch, read, and do before you start


Director Wim Wenders’ Oscar-nominated film Perfect Day (2023), an absorbing narrative of the daily life of a Tokyo toilet cleaner, showcasing the Tokyo Toilet project. A series of 17 public toilets in the city’s Shibuya district commissioned over the past six years to architects and designers including Tadao Ando and Kengo Kuma.

Read about it on Dezeen, a great resource for designers.


London Design Festival

If you are in the London area and have time, do try and visit the London Design Festival for inspiration and examples of contemporary design trends.

The 22nd edition of the Festival will take place on 14–22 September 2024.

London Design Festival (opens in a new window)

Serpentine Pavilion

Also in London, you can visit the Serpentine Pavilion, designed this year by Minsuk Cho / Mass Studies and titled Archipelagic Void

Serpentine Pavilion (opens in a new window)

8 June – 27 October 2024 | Free

Holkham Hall

In Norfolk, at Holkham Hall you can visit the solo exhibitions of Magdalene Odundo and Antony Gormley, large-scale installations of sculptures and ceramics sited both inside the historical building and outside in the landscaped gardens.

  • Antony Gormley, Time Horizon (21 April – 31 October 2024).
  • Magdalene Odundo, (12 May – 29 September 2024)
Holkham Hall (opens in a new window)

Visit the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art

In Norwich, you can visit the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, its permanent collection and current exhibition, and the sculpture garden.

Designed by Norman Foster, the Centre’s grand hangar is an example of extraordinary museum design, and is home to a world class collection featuring art from all around the globe and from all time periods and transcending traditional barriers between art, architecture, archaeology, and anthropology.

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art (opens in a new window)

Learn about its architects, its design, development and construction on the Fosters and Partners website

Information from the Architects (opens in a new window) Take a 360-degree tour of the building (opens in a new window)

Suggested materials list

This list is a suggestion of fundamental equipment that you will need during your first term. The course provides most of the essential materials for any timetabled workshops, but in general you will need to look after your own consumable materials and equipment. You will receive more information regarding this during enrolment week.

All the equipment can be purchased at the University Art shop, so feel free to wait until Welcome Week to purchase if you are unsure.

The Norwich University of the Arts’ Students’ Union runs a Community Pantry which can help with the supply of basic goods including stationery.

Pens and Pencils:  

  • Standard writing pen: one that feels comfortable to hold and use (sketching and writing). Get two, one as a backup.  
  • Drawing pens: these should be to your preference but to start with a Ball Pentel type roller ball pen in extra fine, fine and/or medium point to start with.  
  • Traditional pencils: You will find that you establish a preference for lead types as you develop your drawing techniques. It is recommended you have 2B, HB & 2H. 
  • Propelling / mechanical pencil: This will be essential in year 1, ideally with a 0.5mm thickness, and a set of 2H leads. This will be your primary drafting tool.  

Drawing Equipment:  

  • Scale rule, metric: 1:10, 1:5/1:50, 1:10/1:100, 1:20/1:200, 1:1250/1:2500.
  • Steel rule: 300mm, preferably stainless steel or aluminium.
  • Stanley knife: retractable, preferably with a metal handle.
  • Scissors: small and large, suitable for paper cutting.

Paper pads:  

  • A3 size tracing paper pad: 50 sheets 90 gram will be ok to start with.   
  • A3 size layout paper pad: 80 sheets 45 gram up to 80 gram will be ok.  
  • Note pad/sketch book: size and type to suit you, A5 is the minimum.