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Photography at Norwich

Welcome Week starts on Monday the 16th of September, this is when we will meet you and introduce you to our buildings and facilities. You will meet the staff team, the other students on your course and take part in some introductory activities designed so you can get to know each other and remain safe on campus. You will also attend talks about the services and facilities the University offers.

The first taught day of your course is the Monday 23 September. Generally, you will have timetabled sessions on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays each week. The rest of the week will usually be independent study time for you to research and develop your projects.

Individual timetables will be given the start of the course. In addition to sessions on campus, there will be digital teaching sessions such as group and individual tutorials too.

You will be introduced to all these elements so don’t worry about any of this now!

On independent study days, and days where digital teaching is scheduled, you will be able to access the campus to continue your work as needed, or you can elect to work remotely. We will help you plan your time.

We look forward to seeing you in September.

Be curious and feed your ideas. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Things to watch and read


How Drawing Helps You Think

Drawing sits at the heart of most disciplines – it is important

Taking Risks in Art and Life

You will hear us talk about risk often; what does it mean to take risks?

The Power of Practice: Lessons From 10 Years of Pushups

Again, you will hear us talk about ‘your practice.’ What does it mean to have a practice? Hint: Do not take this too literally!

What is design … the process

Being creative is to engage in a process. How does one creative process differ from another.

This is How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure.

None of us like to be seen to fail. Nonetheless, to be truly original and to break new ground, or discover new things, you need to be prepared to sometime fail and not be afraid to do so.

The Art of Creativity | Taika Waititi

Filmmaker Taika Waititi shares his thought on what it is to be creative.


  • It’s Nice That is a daily web magazine that serves as a contemporary survey of a broad range of creative disciplines.
  • No Film School is a valuable resource for all things filmmaking.
  • Source is a web magazine that is a contemporary survey of photography.


  1. Visit the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (if you are able to) or explore their website to search the incredible art collection and resources.
  2. Look at the world around you and document it using drawing, video, sound recording, writing and any other means that you feel appropriate. This exercise isn’t for any form of assessment or review, it is to get you into working habits and prepare you for study.
  3. Spend some time lying on the ground and looking at the sky. Turn off your phone and any other distractions. Don’t record this experience, it is just for you.