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Guidance for Parents, Guardians, and Carers

With A-level Results Day just around the corner (Thursday, 15th August this year), our committed team is ready to provide the assistance, advice, guidance, and reassurance you need.

Supporting someone through their A-level results can be daunting, that’s why we’ve created this parents and guardians guide to help you on the crucial day.

Keep calm

Stay composed and remain positive. Remember, there are numerous available spots in Clearing, with thousands of students successfully enter Clearing each year. If you have already prepared for the possibility of Clearing, you’re off to a great start. If not, don’t panic. Take the time to carefully consider the available options and reflect on the initial criteria they had when selecting their course.

Be prepared

Before Results Day arrives, regardless of how confident they may feel about their grades, it’s essential to explore alternative options. Research courses that align with their interests, considering a range of entry requirements. Norwich University of the Arts offers a diverse array of courses worth exploring.

Ensure that they are fully available on Results Day

If they find themselves in Clearing, they will need to be accessible for discussions regarding their options and application.

How can I determine if they are in Clearing?

From 8.15 am on Results Day, they can log in to UCAS to check their status. If they haven’t met their offer or are eligible for Clearing, the option to “Add a Clearing choice” will appear on UCAS Track (in the “Next Steps” section) from 3.00 pm.

The decision might be visible on UCAS Track even before they receive their results. It will indicate that their results are not as expected or that they haven’t met their offers. Take this time to absorb the situation and prepare yourself and them for the emotional and eventful day ahead.

The clearing process

If they enter Clearing, make sure they have their UCAS login, UCAS ID number, and grades readily available before making any decisions or phone calls. Remind them that they can contact their first-choice university to inquire about alternative options that may be available.

During the Clearing process, they will likely spend the day on the phone with various universities. Keep a record of the institutions they speak to and the information they receive.

Can I speak to you?

Due to Data Protection laws, we can only communicate directly with the applicant unless you are their nominated contact on their UCAS form.

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