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Guidance for Teachers and Careers advisors

We understand that the results period can be a challenging time for students, often seeking guidance from their teachers and career advisers. Our comprehensive guide aims to assist you in supporting your students throughout the Clearing process.

Clearing is now a widely accepted method of university application and can be a positive experience. Students who have missed their predicted grades, exceeded them, or changed their plans can utilize UCAS Clearing to secure a university placement.

Encourage Research in Advance

  • Which is more important to them: the course subject or the university itself?
  • Are there other courses available at their preferred university?
  • Which other universities offer similar courses?
  • Could attending a further education college be a viable alternative?

If Clearing appears to be an option for any of your students, motivate them to explore alternative courses and potential pathways into higher education.

Help them stay focused and encourage thoughtful consideration of their options

Preparation before Results Day

Given the unpredictable nature of results day, it is crucial to ensure that your students have both primary and backup plans in place for various scenarios.

Our guide on UCAS Clearing will equip you with all the necessary information to support your students effectively.

Preparation for Results Day

Advise your students to compile a list of the Clearing phone lines for the universities they may wish to contact.

It would be beneficial to encourage students to practice phone interviews, enabling them to become comfortable answering questions about their motivations, plans, and UCAS Personal Statement.

On Results Day

Results day can be nerve-wracking, but it’s important to remain calm and positive, reassuring your students that there are still numerous options available to them.

After receiving their results, guide them to log into UCAS Hub to check the status of their offers. It is crucial that they don’t automatically assume they have lost their place if they haven’t met all the conditions of their firm or insurance offer.

Students should promptly contact the universities they are interested in. However, please note that we can only engage directly with the applicant and cannot discuss a student’s application with you as their teacher or career adviser.

Before reaching out to a university, ensure that students have the following information at hand:

  • Results
  • UCAS Clearing ID
  • UCAS Personal Statement
  • CV

Advise them to review their UCAS personal statement as the university may inquire about their reasons for choosing a specific course at their institution. Help them prepare answers to such questions in advance.

Prior to making contact, encourage students to compile a list of any queries they may have about the university, their desired courses, or aspects of student life such as accommodation, transportation, and support services.

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